OKC Thunder 2013 Draft Picks

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OKC Thunder 2013 Draft Picks

I'm still wondering what OKC will do with their 2013 draft picks.

They own the following draft picks:

2013 first round draft pick from Dallas
(Top 20 protected in 2013, top 20 protected in 2014, top 20 protected in 2015, top 20 protected in 2016, top 20 protected in 2017 and unprotected in the 2018 Draft).

2013 first round draft pick from Toronto
(Top-3 Protected and 15-30 Protected in the 2013 Draft, top-2 protected and 15-30 protected in 2014, top-2 protected and 15-30 protected in 2015, top-1 Protected and 15-30 protected in 2016, top-1 protected and 15-30 Protected in 2017 and unprotected in the 2018 Draft.

Their own 2013 1st round draft pick

2013 second round draft pick from Charlotte

If Tornoto gets a top 3 pick and Dallas is good enough to avoid having a top 20 pick they won't get nothing aside from their own pick and Charlottes 2nd round pick.

I really think both picks could be very valuable but if I were Presti I would wait if they can get my hands on the Toronto pick and trade if for a veteran player. As much I like this years team after the departure of the bearded one, I still think this team needs veteran help more than anything other.

It would be cool to se a top prospect come to Okc in 2013 or 2014 but they are in win now mode and only will have the same problems they had with paying harden when the rookie deal of someone like McLemore, Muhammad or Randle comes up.

What would you do wirh this picks and would you wait for the next lottery until you make a decision?

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They already have Lamb and

They already have Lamb and Perry Jones. I think they will look at trading their pick(s) for a veteran big man to help Perkins, Collison and Ibaka

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The way that things are

The way that things are going, they might not get either the Dallas or Toronto pick this year. From Toronto's perspective that would be both lucky and pathetic if they kept their pick this year, assuming they don't make the playoffs.

OKC has their core for the near future and they're not in a position to sink much more money into their payroll. Draft and stash is a possibility with their own pick. Or they could use it in the same way they got Perry Jones. In their situation I don't see anything wrong with getting 1 more cheap high upside developmental project.

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Exactly, makes no sense for

Exactly, makes no sense for OKC to draft a rookie, who by the time he reaches his potential, they have to trade him bc they cannot afford him. All championship teams require post scoring. Doesn't need an all star, but someone that can score inside. Perkins obviously is not, and Ibaka has been trying to work too much on his jump shot, rather than his post moves. (they should send him to work out with The Dream over the Summer btw). I think they should target Gortat and Scola from Phoenix. They'll have to wait till the end of the season when Martin expires and Scola is allowed to be dealt, but Perkins and Tor. Pick for Gortat and Scola. Gortat expires after next year and I don't see him demanding 7 million a year again, and Scola at 4 million works out great on the bottom line. This is of course if Perk fails during the playoffs again. Phoenix hasn't been doing as well this year, too high expectations of themselves. I think they'll love another lotto pick to add.

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I think they might go for

I think they might go for another center. If Dallas turns it on, and they get a pick in the early 20's I could see them going for Rudy Golbert and stashing him or with their actual pick that will most likely be in the last 2 -5 picks of the first round, grabbing Jeff Withey. OKC has been known to stockpile young big men. Even if they don't get a shot in OKC, they have proven to be valuable trading pieces.

Not to mention, they only have Thabeet for one more year after this season, and now that he's proven he can be a backup for a playoff team, I doubt OKC will want to shell out anymore money in 2014 to keep him around, due to the high price talent they want to keep for the rest of the decade.

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I think that they should keep

I think that they should keep their picks, they need a scoring power forward(, then their second unit could have lamb and a PF to lead it. Picks are cheap that is why they are valuable. If they could get a pick between the 6 to 8th picks and get a guy like poythress that would be nice for them.

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If i were OKC i would prefer

If i were OKC i would prefer that the Raptors find their way into awfulness this year, because the 2014 NBA Draft is gonna be one for the ages, hope they will not make kind of Detroit Pistons mistake (see where my eyes are rolling...) but i'm confident with Presti.

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I don't know if it will be a

I don't know if it will be a draft for the ages but it will certainly be better than this years class. Especially at the top where I would say 7 players are better prospects than whoever is the #2 prospect behind Zeller. I think the Raptors very well could get a top 3 pick this year and keep the pick. In 2014 if the Thunder can get someone like Aaron Gordon on a rookie contract look out.

I would not trade the pick although it might make sense to add a veteran big man at the deadline,it could really pay off huge for the teams future which is already very bright. Adding a guy like Milsap would be great for this year but with little chance to resign him it makes more sense to take a chance on getting a lottery pick.

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With the Thunder not wanting

With the Thunder not wanting to go over cap to keep James Harden, I would assume they look to draft if the Totonto pick lands 4th or say 5th then that if massive for them, they may have the option to trade up. I would not say all the way to number 1 but maybe 2 or 3. Even if they cannot trade up and you have them 4th or 5th there will still be some nice prospects there and they can either go two ways, take a high upside guy or play it safe and take most NBA ready guy.

As they are genuine contenders they would probably take the most NBA ready guy. If they could package Perkins with a package of picks they could bring a star player in as Perkins would help match salaries. The dream deal could be Perkins plus Dallas 1st round pick, Bobcats 2nd round pick and Thunder 1st round 2013 picks for a big name and then they get a good prospect with the Raptors pick.

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