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okc thunder

durant,westbrook,and jeff green

were stars in the rookie sophomore game alot of potential

especially in durant

hes becoming dominat

and gives soild perfomances every night

very consiteny with his production

and wit the addition of chandler

they will be a serouis contender in 1 to 2 years

plus then can trade chandler for another
young great big man

plus there going to attract free agency

plus there going to b a high lottery pick

alot is going on here

i see them being like portland a sneaky up and coming team

but better

if they get griffin and griffin is wat hes hyped up to be

i see a major change and there record
plus if they dont get griffin

harden will do

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and with chandler

and with chandler maybe

they a draft harden

and if

the wizards or the clippers win maybe then can give them chandler for griffin to go younger

and later on down the line

grab another center

because talents like harden and griffin dont come and go

center then get boards dont ether

but if the hornets thought he was expendable

then maybe he is

if he had a more offense game then maybe he would be a keeper but he dont so i would stay young

durant a be the oldest long term player

with 2 years already in the league so he has a whole carrear to get a ship

with a talent team

i would do that

since they got the fire power

i would settle for a cheaper center who does the same things chandler does





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