OKC-Boston Trade

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OKC-Boston Trade

I know the salaries don't match up, but if your the Celtics and Thunder, wouldn't you like to make a Rondo for Westbrook trade straight up? The Celtics will get a #1 scoring option that they so desperatley need, and the Thunder will get a true, old school point guard who can get the ball to Durant when and where he needs it. I am one of the believers that Westbrook takes way to many crazy shots and can try to "keep up" with KD at some times. I think Westbrook is more suited as a shooting guard and can play the 2 in Boston and they can have Avery Bradley as their starting PG. While the Thunder would get Rondo who will improve their defense and rebounding, two areas where they could use some help. This trade seems to make very good sense for both teams and would seem to improve both imediatley.

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