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I dont have a favortie team in the League...but how much longer is OKC gonna wait? I know it takes time to win...but there team is loaded...and is poised for a 4-5 year run if they keep all they players. But....Harden is a high level player... will he be content to be third fiddle to KD and R.Westbrook for years to come? I dont know....what does the forum think?

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"how much longer are they

"how much longer are they gonna wait"?! They are one of the youngest teams in the league! this was only their first year being a contender from the beginning of the season! you can't honestly expect them to have already won a title!(although that pains me to say because i love OKC)

But anyway, if they can get a scorer off the bench(harden won't be coming off the bench next season) and a low post scorer they have it all. They just need a little more time to gel. and by that I mean westbrook accepting that he is a #2 guy and that durant is #1

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I see how your think there

I see how your think there poised for a 4-5 year run if they keep all of players but it could actually be like 2 times as much as that maybe even 11 years .Just look at these ages.

Pg-Russel Westbrook 22 years old

Sg-James Harden 21 years old

Sf-Kevin Durant 22 years old

Pf-Serge Ibaka 21 years old

C-Kendrick Perkins 26 years old

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sam presti is one smart smart

sam presti is one smart smart man

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OKC Future is Bright

Kevin Durant and Perkins signed big contract extensions.

Trading Jeff Green has really allowed Harden to really shine as a 3rd scorer to Durant and Westbrook.

The future is bright in OKC for years to come...


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yeah but i dont care what

yeah but i dont care what anyone says westbrook at least last year was a team killer he has great talent and athletsicm but mentally they need to get him on the right page durant and coach brooks gotta sit him down i know they need scoring so the other guys on the okc have to contriubte offensively u saw the mavericks everybody on the team was doing there best on the offense it took pressure off of dirk. perkings gota step up and realize he not in boston where he had less of an offensive role cuz u had lots of options he needs to become a threat nate needs to backup westbrook being a spark off the bench not boring maynor serge ibaka needs to create a more well rounded game not just a one demensional blocking and rebounding game i think thabo is a wast of time starting him i would start harden i know hes for defense but sometimes that can kill teams when u require offense from everybody at least bowen and artest can hit threess thabo is really useless on offesne and starting come on think about it u have the guy starting next to fututre nba mvp kevin durant thabo steflosha really who is he hes not that spechial then u look at the lebron and dwade combo put harden with durant

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