OJ Mayo struggling

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OJ Mayo struggling

He's really struggled the last six games averaging only 8.6 points on 20/67 FG for 29.8%, 3/25 3PT for 12% and 9/13 FT for 69%. 26 turnovers (4.3 per game) to just 22 assists (3.6 per game). The Mavericks have lost all six games.

IF we're going to praise a player when he's playing well, we have to get on him when he's not. He's in a horrible shooting slump, but still not getting to the basket. He's only averaging 2.1 FT's per game. He hasn't really played well in 2 weeks. He's not playing with confidence.

What's going on with Mayo?

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Regression to the mean.

Regression to the mean. There was no way he was gonna keep up that rate from behind the 3 pt line. He was due for a cold streak.
He's also struggled ever since Dirk came back. Maybe he's just not that good at playing off of others.

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Mayo seems to only thrive

Mayo seems to only thrive when he's the 1st option (which usually means your team won't be any good) because he's simply not a 1st option/go-to-guy type of scorer. He struggles when he has to play 2nd or 3rd option. I think that mentality goes back to him being a high school phenom and having that "star" mentality when he is not a star in the NBA, he's a good player but not where he was hyped up to be.

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Steroid cycles?

You gotta cycle on and off those things or they can mess you up. I'm just kidding but he has been struggling lately. He was playing great and they have struggled as a team when he has struggled. Kaman is struggling also in the last six games all loses and they loss 9 of the last ten. He hasn't grabbed 10 boards and has been in the low teens and single digits in scoring. OJ is struggling from 3 lately, last 6 games he is 3-25. I never believed he could keep the pace he set early but he has evolved his game some. He drives more now but has only shot 4 free throws once in the last 6 games. Old tendencies die hard and they are creeping back into OJ's game.

Siggy may be right. It may be the only difference is he isnt hitting 3's. If he was 12-25 instead of 3-25 he would almost be right at his 18 points a game average. That's 9 threes over 6 games at a extra 4.5 points per game and that turns those 13 point nights into 17.5.

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actually, in watching him, he

actually, in watching him, he is not a bad creator when looking to attack the lane. that game against OKC he was delivering the ball in great position and the guys were not converting. he easily couldve had 7 or 8 assists that game, which can help a team win despite his shooting woes. Mayo looks pretty good when attacking the basket because he draws the defenders. the problem is, he loves that jumpshot too darn much and when he tries to set up for it in crunch time, he was turning the ball over like crazy. so in short, Mayo is not a player who balances his offensive game well. he is a jumpshooter first, and he runs that into the hole. is problem is always what it has been....not aggressive enough in attacking the basket.

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I am upset with him.. I

I am upset with him.. I traded Mike Conley for him in my fantasy league and he was great for a few games but he has slacked off here lately. I hope it just a problem with Dirk and figuring out their roles..

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