OJ Mayo

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OJ Mayo

OJ Mayo is one of the up-and coming players in the NBA. He's averaging almost 20 PPG, and has scored double digits in almost every game. He is also a sound defender. However, it seems to me that he doesn't have a great first step, and is not a very good finisher. Is he the next big thing, or just a decent player putting up good stats on a bad team?

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Talented player putting up

Talented player putting up good numbers on a bad team. I call it the Richard Jefferson Effect: good numbers, bad percentages. He will score 20 PPG but has to shoot 25 shots to get there.

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Oj Mayo is legit! I've been

Oj Mayo is legit! I've been a fan of him since high school and when i watched him play in the Nike Hoops Summit he was really sick!

I can't wait for the 2009 Nike Hoops Summit on April 11, 2009 at 7 PM!

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all i know is that Rudy

all i know is that Rudy Gay's production has gone down cause OJ is taking too many shots...

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Still a Rookie

You can't come in the league and right away be another kobe/lebron/d-wade/whatever. Mayo, I think, will improve his first step and his shot-taking and team play as his career unfolds. In a coupla years he'll be an all-star same as Rudy Gay and even possibly Mike Conley but with those 3 players as the core of the team, the Grizzlies are going to become the next big thing in the west along with the Thunder in a coupla years.

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long term problems

Mayo is a monster talent, but there are some obvious flaws in his game. He shoots a poor percentage and doesn't get to the line enough. The FG% will improve as he learns to take better shots, but I'm not sure about his ability to get to the charity stripe. He might be too small/underweight to really be able to take care of the ball on the way to the hoop to get 6-7 FT attempts a game.

I would like for him to play as a secondary player to Gay for a little bit. He took over as the team's star too early.

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kobe has to take 25 to get 20 as well . .so is he just a decent player

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So you're implying Kobe shoots 40% for an average. You're slightly off there.

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kobe shoots .467 from the feild
mayo shoots .438

kobe shoots .351 from 3
mayo shoots .384

and true kobe gets to the line
but mayo will eventually see more charity points as he becomes more of a superstar

u know the pampered players

wade, and kobe

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He's a fine player on a bad team with mediocre stats. I don't think he has half the all-around athleticism of someone like Kobe Bryant, but he knows the game well enough that he could be a Chauncey Billups type PG if he wants to be. However, if he continues to think and play as if he is a score-first type of player, he will go the way of Larry Hughes soon enough.

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He is going to be........

O.J Mayo is a good player and will be the next great thing but he was mainly putting up stats and a bad team. He has alot to work on and the reason got those numbers was that the team was bad. Mayo is good though and as the years go by he will get much better so he won't just be putting up nimbers on a bad team. In five years he is going to be doing big things in the league.

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Any 7th Grader that leads

Any 7th Grader that leads their teams varsity squad to a state championship is just a legend waiting to happen.

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