Oh Andrew

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Oh Andrew

According to ESPN's Marc stein, the Sixers believe that Andrew Bynum has done additional damage to his knees after he went out and had a night of bowling. I think it's safe to say the Sixers shouldn't give Andrew a 5 year max deal; production wise he's worth it, but to be 24 he has the knees of a 12 year vet, and we all know knee problems and big men don't mix at all. Please Philly don't offer him anything more than 3 years, it's too risky with his attitude and injury problems and now this. It seems that Andrew doesn't care

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I believe cares about having

I believe cares about having healthy knees. He has been injured for awhile, likely hasn't done anything remotely active and was just going out with friends having a good time, then reinjured himself or had a accident. It sucks, but he is just one of those 7 footer that will always have bad knees or feet.

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Teams better be VERY cautious

Teams better be VERY cautious next summer when offering this guy a max contract if things don't improve. We all saw what happened to Greg Oden, and I'm not saying Bynum's knees are that bad, but if you have a guy that's getting paid 15-20M a year, he better be on the court more often than not and Bynum hasn't even STARTED any basketball activities. It could very well be late January until we see Bynum, if at all this season...

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I hate to jump on a player

I hate to jump on a player for bowling (since so many NBA players bowl in their spare time), but when you're a seven foot center and been diagnosed by doctors as having a "weakened cartilage state", you need to sit your ass down somewhere and just stretch your knees out or something.

The phrase "weakened cartilage state" scares the F out of me because Greg Oden had the same thing, which kept leading to severe damage in his articular cartilage (which led to microfracture surgery three times). There's a reason they're holding this guy out and being extremely cautious with him.

They need to tell Bynum no bowling, no race car driving, no picking up playmates... Just don't do anything.

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