Official All Star Game Thread

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Damn, that was a great game,

Damn, that was a great game, what a comeback, but that pass, I mean, when they showed the replay from the angle behind Melo, you could see that Melo was open in the corner, but from the second you start learning to play basetball they teach you NOT to make those passes.

It was a bad pass for one because Melo for some reason was shfting from the wing to the corner, and two bcause all of Lebron's momentum was headed toward the right sideline, and he had to turn his body completly to make that pass, and that was more than enough time for Griffin to read the pass. I understand he was looking for his teamate, but with 5 seconds left and you're the best player in the game and you have the greatest post-Jordan Player guarding you, you go into killer mode and drain that three.

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D Wade is overrated as a

D Wade is overrated as a clutch player...if he wasn't the Heat would have won the title last year.

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The fact that I knew exactly

The fact that I knew exactly what to expect from Lebron from the postgame interview tells me he has done this way too many times. Its just like any other speech, it is either premediatated, routine, or free flowing/improv. It seemed like a routine "just upset I let my team down" speech that he has used time and time again. Thats not something the greats are supposed to say, he may feel like a man saying it, taking accountability but that does not make him great. The fact that you couldnt win the game does play into the fact that you lost it. I thought he would fix this issue by now but apparently he hasnt and it doesnt look like he ever will. If he doesnt he will never be the best player in the world, because there is two minutes in the fourth qaurter when he plays like the worst on the floor.

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Did you guys watch the entire game? There was no need for anyone to be clutch if not for LeBron's ridiculous performance in the first 47.5 minutes of the game. While Kobe (who should have been deferring to Durant if he wanted to win) was getting fadeaways blocked by D-Wade on one end, LeBron was knocking down 30-foot threes like they were layups. He also made a couple nice plays off the pick and roll once they started to overplay him 30 feet from the basket.

He had one bad pass, but I'm not sure that shooting a contested 3 at that point was the right decision either, and I'm sure he wasn't the one who asked Coach Thibodeau if he could be the one inbounding the ball on the last play.

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Durant was great, but let's

Durant was great, but let's not ignore the stupid pass he threw and the dumb three he quickly took trying to match LeBron.

Everybody made mistakes. Deron Williams air balled a three. D Wade bobbled a pass. Kobe missed a free-throw.

But LeBron coming up short in the clutch and just checking out like just is getting too familiar. His fans are in denial when it's happening right in front of their face. That doesn't mean he isn't great or that he hasn't made big plays down the stretch before, but it seems he makes these kind of plays more often than not.

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