Odd Tattoo

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Odd Tattoo

I found this:

Each to their own i guess. One of the few Charlie Villanueva fan's out there.

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Lebron's Hairline
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Out of every Pistons great,

Out of every Pistons great, why the f*ck would he get Charlie V?!?!?!?! Why would he get any basketball player tattooed on him anyways?

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I'm wondering if he got this

I'm wondering if he got this because he has that same hairless disease that CV got. That tat came out really good tho despite it being out of control.

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I can't say it makes any

I can't say it makes any sense as to why he would get this, but it is a good cartoony tattoo. KG probably doesnt approve.

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At least he will always has someone on his side who he probably looks better than by comparison. AmIrite?

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Not to be a buzz kill but

Not to be a buzz kill but maybe the kid suffers alopecia universalis. (What V has that makes him unable to grow hair). There are some nasty kids (and men, KG) that ridicule people for thing that are out of there control. He could see Villanueva as a rolemodel. Someone that has a disorder but still succeeded, and I know Charlie Villanueva has spoken to groups of young people that have the same thing as him. Totally not trying to kill this post, just thought I'd put in my 2 cents

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