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Hey guys, this is my first post on the forums. I've been using the site for years now but just got around to making a username.

I've been a Kings fan for years, and the past few seasons have definitely been depressing. However, I think the team is finally on the road to the playoffs in probably another season or so. We have a solid SG and PF but we could definitely use help at the other positions.

I wanted to know what you guys think is the position the Kings need the most help in. I think we need a center, so Demarcus Cousins (if he's available) would be the best fit at the number 5 pick. And also, I know Sacramento probably isnt going to sign a big-name free agent, but there are plenty of other guys that we could sign, maybe T.J. Ford?

What do you guys think?

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Ford to my knowledge has one

Ford to my knowledge has one more year but i guess he could be had in a trade. Both pair he and Evans does not appear to be a good match since both are not very good shooters.

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Ok danu786 I'm a kings fan as

Ok danu786 I'm a kings fan as well and I am really adamant at the possibilty of us drafting Demarcus cousins. Imagine how physically overpowering we'd be at both tyreke and cousins' positions. That would cause a million nightmares for teams. I'm hoping cousins will still be available though. I've seem things about Minnesota getting him but I think that's just what people are suggesting rather than what David Kahn is thinking. They want turner and they WANT to move up to get him but I don't think swapping Elton brand and all Jefferson or one acquiring the other will help either one of their situations. If they can't move up to get turner then I'm hoping they take Wes Johnson because he's probably the closest to Evan turner except he can shoot and he's athletic as all hell. If we can't get cousins though I'd like us to get Johnson or Monroe. I also think that Beno the best compliment to tyreke because he never forces anything and he consistently hits his jumpers. People want to pair him up with other players (I heard arenas on this site WTF?) but truthfully beno is a perfect fit with tyreke and he's only 26 or 27. We'll see how it pans out but I'm remaining optimistic

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The concern with Cousins is

The concern with Cousins is that Tyreke isnt the best shooter and Cousins could clog up the lane for Reke. I think Greg Monroe or Wesley Johnson are good fits. Greg Monroe is a skilled big that hit midrange jumpers and pass and Johnson can play the 2 or 3 and has range that could help open up defenses for Reke to drive plus he can be a good defender aginst the elite wings in this league. Sacramento needs alot of help and will have a top 10 pick next year as well, so take best player available.

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the sacramento kings need to

the sacramento kings need to get cousins....with hawes n thompson they would have a a front court wit alot of potential and it would b great to c how those guys would oan out...even tho they would b inexperinced...n i dont think they would go wrong if they drafted wesley either if he is still matter wat they well have a solid pick

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okay so basically we have it

okay so basically we have it down to a center or a small forward for the draft. do you guys have any ideas for free agency?

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