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Should the Nuggets try to get in the first round and snag a point guard or just wait it out and grab the best point avaliable. They could try to trade up and get maybe a Flynn, Teague, or Mills. If they wait they could be left with Collison, Hudson, or Price. I'm sure they wouldnt have to give up much to move up in this draft but would it be worth it with the depth at PG and the weakness of the draft. Also, outside of a couple, the tallent level at PG is pretty even. Thoughts??

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Maybe they could trade up with Portland

Portland has drafted a lot of players in the last couple of years and maybe they would be open to trading they're pick this year for future considerations and maybe M.Almonds with this years pick.They needs some things a 2 guard or a penetrating player.I think Flynn would be out of they're range, Teague or Mills would be more plausable.I think Terrance Williams would be a good fit for them

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i think the nuggs should

i think the nuggs should hold tight and try to pick up a quality role player in the 2nd round. i think we are 2 deep at every position except at pf. i would like the nuggs to take a jon brockman or jeff adrien. these guys may be undersized but will crash the boards for offensive rebounds. if neither are available, pg would be the next best option since ac is getting old. aj price or tyreke evans would be good options. if darren collison is around, there is no question except to draft him.

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I thought Morris Almond

I thought Morris Almond played for the Jazz. The only thing about Williams is he is a 2-3 kind of player which they have depth at with Jones/Smith/Kleza/Anthony. They have no depth at the point. Carter/Hart???? Not the answer to a second point. Both of those guys (Adrian and Brockman) are basicaly Balkman. Thats not what they need. If they did he would be gettin more playing time.

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the nuggets are gonna be

the nuggets are gonna be right there again next year. they dont need to make too many changes. what they should do is draft a solid PG who can give chauncey a breather cuz like juves said AC is gettin too old for their run and gun type of game. they also need to make it a priority to resign birdman. he's their heart and soul. this team is dangerous and i think they're a year or 2 away from being a championship caliber team

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Danny Green

Draft Danny Green in the second round.

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