Now what?

Derrick Rose is cleared to play. That doesn't mean he is going to play next game but he is near his full recovery. When I heared that I started to think "Now what?" and by that I mean which should be the Bulls rotation for the playoff? Should they play Rose 30 min or more a night or continue to use its recent line up, with D-Rose playing less minutes until he heals? Who should be out of the rotation?

I really like what the Bulls are doing in abscent of D-Rose. A lot of players have been stepping up all year long, and I think we should use that, because it's make us unpredictable.

I would really like to see Nate and Marco in the rotation, even if Rose is completely healed by playoff time. We could use a spark like Robinson when the second unit is stucked, even if he take out of his mind shots or make ill adviced passes.

The problem of this roster is in the frontcourt. Behind the top three players (Jo, Carlos, Taj) there is no depth, not even a defensive minded guy to banged the boards. I don't know if Thibs is going to play Lou Almudson, but he could be a nice defensive piece for the second unit until we find the right solution.

I'm sorry for my English and my lack of order in my ideas. I really want to hear your opinions, not your comments about my post, because all I wanted with this words is to try to explain the idea of the topic.

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