so now that we drafted demar, theres out future sg, so now what do we need in the offseason with free agents and undrafted player signings

they probably should resign anthony parker to play pg and sg and help out demar, or dahntay jones if not ap, he will play defense when derozan is on the bench...they definately need a very good sf, hopefully sign marion back and if not him, barnes or ariza, but dont spend to much money.. and is delfino back?? because that would fill a void because he is a very good player.. pf is not a need because we have bosh and thats where bargnani should play, so even if they trade bosh they have a pf... a nice solid cheap center would be nice, a low post player thats tough and blocks shot would be the best fit (birdman, gortat,bass)

also i think they should take a look at hyetvelt and christmas, two guys who fell out of the draft but are very good

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Re sign Marion, (obviously

Re sign Marion, (obviously for alot less than he was this year) With him and Derozen on the wings that gives them a very strong potential transition game. Resign parker to be a scorer off the bench and sign Rasho Nesterovic, he was so consistent and so reliable in toronto that he would be invaluable if he returned. If christmas is available take him for sure i cant believe he slipped right out of the draft.

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i loved this guys when he played with the raptors.. hes not flashy or overly athletic but he knows how to play the game, very good one on one defender and may not block a lot of shots but alters so many, good system player, very smart, i would love to have him back... great idea!

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Now that we have Derozan and

Now that we have Derozan and Hedo ... I guess the question becomes more difficult. We either pull a sign and trade and go searching for minimum contract players and hope for some luck.

If Colangelo can sign and trade either Parker or Marion, the Raps will be in a much better position. They would have the money to get a little bit of work done on the bench.

A few important questions remain:

- Do we still have the option of re-signing Graham (did the raps extend a qualifying offer?). If so, he gives us some depth off the bench (better option than a minimum player).

- Does our qualifying offer to Pops still stand (after the Hedo signing)?

Other notes:

- We could be suprised with the development of O'Bryant, Ukic, and Douby. If so, the raps are in a much better position.

All in all, we need to get a sign and trade done toensure that we have some sort of bench. Our starting 5 will be strong.

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