Noah Blackwell

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Noah Blackwell

Sorry, I know people don't like me posting basketball related videos. However this kid is looking too nice for me not to.

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God Forbid you post a basketball video

Here's one for you

Trevor Dunbar. Check him out. My CPU isn't working embeds right now. But here is a link

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Looks like the next Kiwi

Looks like the next Kiwi Gardner.

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Keep them coming

Explosive first step and incredible change of direction. Handles! Just toying with the defender, especially on that Rucker he did several times. Nice stroke, great off the dribble and on the quick pull up. Showed some passing ability as well. Loved what I saw from him. Surprised his numbers aren't better this season. Nearly 8 pts 4 reb 4 ast 2 stl.

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I dig the vids

I dig the vids

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