No more Amare Trade Talk

The NY Times reported:

"This past summer, the Knicks offered Stoudemire to nearly every team in the league — “available for free,” as one rival executive put it. But they found no takers because of his diminished production, his health and his contract, which has three years and $65 million remaining (counting this season) and which is uninsured against a career-ending knee injury.

In February, the Knicks wanted to send Stoudemire to Toronto in a deal for Andrea Bargnani, a person briefed on the discussion said. But the proposal was vetoed by James L. Dolan, the Garden chairman, before it ever reached the Raptors (who would not have made the deal anyway, team officials there said)."

So basically they just want someone to take this contract for them. And as you can see the team wins easily without him. The trade for Bargnani is one that I've thought about, but most likely the Knicks know how bad Bargnani is, even though he would be a nice fit, is probably why this trade won't happen. Also the fact that the Raptors still don't get how bad Bargnani is why they won't do they deal. Maybe this run where the raptors are winning without Bargnani will turn the light on for management in Toronto.

But seriously, there will be no trades for Amare. He just has to reinvent his game and find a way to contribute.

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I disagree

Why does this mean that we can be certain that Amare will definitely not be traded? Maybe Dolan didn't want Bargs because even he knows he is overrated and isn't a "team player." Doesn't mean that he wouldn't trade Amare away in the right deal.

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I think its getting at, no one will take him, even for nothing

That's what is making him untradeable. I guessing not even a team with a player exemption would have taken him. Its too bad because he was a beast in his prime. He can be still a serviceable player and good in the pick in pop game. I wonder how much to bidding would get to if he is amnestied in one of the next two seasons when that luxury cap hit is threatening.

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the point of Tallman's post

the point of Tallman's post was that nobody wants Amare, even for free. it's not about dolan stumbling across the "right deal", because that deal doesnt exist. No other team wants him. He's broken, one dimensional and wildly overpaid. people need to give the Amare traderbation a rest. he's not worth a rack of basketballs to any team in the league.

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I strongly disagree....

The only problem with Amare is his health. Nothing else. No lack of skills or selfishness or nothing like that. Big men are not selfish players. The only way they get the ball is from a guard. They are not bringing it up. Amare is a proven finisher, and very good face up player with range all the way to 3pt range. Before the injury and the the Melo trade, people forget that Amare was an MVP candidate for the Knicks avg 25 and 8. The only thing he has to do is get used to plating with the guys that are on the roster now. I dont see the Knicks trading him simply because the Knicks cant afford to trade him. The knicks are a great team and my favorite team and Melo is my favorite player, but in order to win a CHAMPIONSHIP, they will need Amare on the floor. He'll give them another dimension and that no one else gives them. He's another player that you have to focus on and pIan for if youre the opposing teams. For that reason, I honestly dont think they're shopping him. But this is just from my point of view.

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What the &$#%#&@!? "The only

What the &$#%#&@!? "The only problem with Amare is his health"? Have you ever watched this man play basketball? He is a god awful defender who is easily bumped of his spot despite possessing ridiculous physical gifts. At times it's almost as if he doesn't even try out there on that side of the court. As a Knick fan i can tell you my TV is in danger every defensive possession Amar'e is on the floor. It seems he always finds himself out of position; rarely rotating over to the right spot or the rotating at the right time. You could make the case that at ages 40 & 38 respectively both Kurt Thomas and Rasheed Wallace are more effective defenders than Stoudemire. So no, the only problem with STAT is not clearly not only health, it's his lack of commitment to being at least an AVERAGE defensive player in this league. And offense is not a problem with the Knicks, i understand that come playoff time the best defenses will have answers to the explosive knicks offense, but Amar'e wont be required to score 20 points a night for them to rack up some wins in may and june and POSSIBLY compete for a championship.

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He is so much more valuable

He is so much more valuable when he is the #1 option to me. He struggles as a role player.

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he can still contirbute, but

he can still contirbute, but not even close to 22 mill a year worth which is what he is owed. I wouldnt take him free either.

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Right, no one wants that

Right, no one wants that contract. It is just too much money for a guy who might even be worse this year.
However, I think there is a chance that he reinvents himself. After watching Blatche transform himself into a good center who finishes consistently at the rim, I now believe anything is possible. Kidd might point him in the right direction and with Chandler backing up Kidd there is going to be the kind of team pressure for Amare to change his ways that even Amare's stardom and contract can't insulate him from. That means no more "pick and pop" nonsense where Amare takes a 20 foot jumper just so he can keep his scoring average near 20 per game. It means he plays backup PF and backup Center and he restricts his shots to stuff within 5 feet of the hoop.

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