Nike Hoops Summit

Nike Hoops Summit

World team has been announced.

I'm more familiar with the US team. Can anyone provide some insight on the best prospects on the World team? I know Karl Towns is a standout prospect heading to Kentucky, but what about some lesser known guys from farther abroad?

Who will be the next Dirk Nowitzki? (33pts in 1998).

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I was a little surprised

I was a little surprised Mudiay ended up not playing for Team USA because I'm pretty sure he has lived here almost his whole life. Clint Capela should be a huge factor for the world team even though he's the age of a College Sophomore playing against high school kids. Nikola Jokic was one of the better players on that Serbian team who had a shot at beating Team USA's U19 Squad last summer. I was really hoping to see Dante Exum again since I already bought tickets to the game but I guess they didn't think he could raise his stock anymore by playing in this game.

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Sweet gdizzle I will be there

Sweet gdizzle I will be there too! Do you know what paying the 25 dollars for reserved seating gets you? (Besides reserved seat Lol). A closer look than general admission? Just curious before I buy tickets.

I can't believe Capella is playing. That almost doesn't seem fair. And it also seems he can't do himself any favors in this game seeing how he is playing against kids. If he doesn't dominate it won't be a good look for him.

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You get to sit closer to the court

At least what I remember for paying for reserved seating, you get better spots and an area that the general admission doesn't have access to. As far as Capela, it is not like he is WAY older than everyone else. He does turn 20 in May, but than again, so did Sergey Karasev, Dennis Schroeder and Livio Jean-Charles. They all had later birthdays than Clint, though you do notice a trend with them. All played at the Hoop Summit last year, all boosted their stock big time by doing so.

This gives Capela 5 days of practice to show what he brings to the table and what advantages he has gained playing against grown men. Chances are, he will probably look pretty damn good, the guys who play professional tend to do so. Karasev did not even have a huge game, though he looked fantastic in practices and was an absolute dead eye shooter. They played against kids who were for the most part, a year or two younger than them. They, for the most part, got the better of them. Livio Jean-Charles shredded the game, Schroeder was an absolute menace, both end up in the first round.

Not saying that this tournament is the best way to show your talent, or even a great tool for the draft. Their is even a history of shot blocking bigs who were picked much too high after a strong Hoop Summit (Saer Sene, Alexis Ajinca ahead of Serge Ibaka, Bismack Biyombo). It is still a good way to showcase your talent and am guessing Capela has more to gain by going than he has to lose. Thinking his agents would not have signed him up if he did not feel this way and having just about every team watching you for a week is good exposure.

Capela is still only 19 and people know his body is a work in progress. Sure he gets the benefit of the doubt and as long as he competes, chances are he at least stays in the same relative range. Some are a bit worried he might pull out, just really think that while his age is beneficial, it is not like he is two full years older than any of the big men he is going up against. If this events history is any proof, if you are a long, athletic, big man, this game has certainly not hurt your chances.

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