neyy york knicks

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neyy york knicks

if the knicks can draft or traded up for either ricky rubio or stephen curry i think they would blow up under dantonis system curry wont have to worry about taller gaurds as much because there is always so much spacing look how lil nate is doing under dantoni and hes not nearly as good a pure scorer like curry. and i think curry has shown this year he a can run a offence. and we all know rubio can create jsut needs to work on that jumper. imagin in 2010 a line up of

pg : curry/runio
sg: lebron james
sf: Danilo Gallinari
pf: (nowitzki, bosh, sotdimire)
C:free agent signe

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Take out Lebron

Curry could definitely explode in D'Antoni's system. They could use a point guard and either he or Jennings would be perfect in D'Antoni's system. They might also look at a shooting guard if they've still got a hole there by the end of the season.

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The Knicks gotta get an

The Knicks gotta get an atheletic shot blocker who can run the floor. 'Antonio's system will comtinue to tread water until they do so.

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