next year playoffs

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next year playoffs

teams that (( could )) fall off :
(( WEST ))
(health/age) Spurs
(Age/talent - possible) Suns again
(lacking talent) Utah
(possible) Dallas - depends if they get kidd back.

(( EAST ))
(lacking talent)detroit
(possible)phily- can louis step up if andre don't come back? will brand ever be healthy..

teams that might make it.

(( WEST ))

(outstanding young talent) OKC - If they get the first pick..they will make it for sure.
(draft/trades) Minnesota. Healthy jefferson and healthy miller.. kevil love...more new talent soon
once again, phoenix, dallas, san antonio,and utah depending on trades or health.

(( EAST ))

(talent) Charlotte - they should be able to make a run for 8th seed
(talent starting 5) New Jersey- healthy harris/carter/lopez + more young talent
(young leader)Indiana - Be ready for Granger to have an absolute breakout. He's still young.
(talent/healthy)Washington-If...BIG IF..everybody is average healthy...with a high out.

teams still building

Memphis - blake can bring them to (( almost making the playoffs, or even to 8th seed if he's as good as we all think.)) outstanding young talent. they need more bench players, darko and warrick can't help strongly.

New york - things are starting to look better. it looked pretty nasty for a couple years....

Sacramento - so many holes to fill, ( C, SF, PG ). rubio or griffin will not fix it all. *trades, ***better bench.

LAC - alotta good players. but will the chemistry ever work?

Milwauke - losing Charlie V or sessions is gonna hurt bad.

GS - in need of a true powerfoward.

Toronto - what happend? calderon and bosh and bargaini? whhhhaaat happppend. marion's contract going away should help.

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Actually any team in the

Actually any team in the East can make it next year.

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What do...

What do you need in the East? 35 wins!

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