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It looks like my Knicks are interested in Tony Allen and Aaron Brooks. I would be happy if we could sign Tony Allen. I think he would fit in well with our team. I also like the idea of Aaron Brooks coming in as a back up point guard. But what ever we do I just hope that we get players that are really going to contribute. This is a big off season for the team. I believe that we started in the right direction by drafting Hardaway. Now we have to keep moving in the right direction.

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The Knicks are screwed. Lala

The Knicks are screwed. Lala tastes like honey nut Cheerios.

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Hardaway was a bad pick IMO.

Hardaway was a bad pick IMO. He'll be in the rotation but offers very little to a team. I would have liked to see them swing for the fences with Ledo, Wolters, Cannan or even Goodwin.

As for Tony Allen, the Knicks really don't need him. This team is beginning to remind me of the Lebron Cavaliers. They have one star who is being surrounded with defensive specialists and 3pt shooters. Bad and short-sighted strategy. The Knicks need good all around players. Players who are legitimate options so Melo isn't taking 25 shots a game.

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I actually thought Hardaway

I actually thought Hardaway was a great pickup. With that said, I think Shumpert and Hardaway can man the Sg position. Not saying Ill rather Hardaway over Allen, but they can focus on of depth and scorers off the bench.

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Just saw

That the Knicks are close to trading for Bargnani. Will give up Camby, Novak and 2 picks (1st/2nd).

What do you guys think of this move for NYK?

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Was about to start a new post

Was about to start a new post on this. It's a low risk-high reward deal for ny. Barnagni only has two years left on his contract, while Novak is an additional year of 4 million. This may help out since Barnagni can spread the floor, but the best part is summer of 2015, ny has over 60 million coming off the books at the same time. Amare and Mello 20 million each, Chandler 13 million, Barnagni 10 million.

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I think it is a good move for

I think it is a good move for the team. The one thing that I'm worried about is if he is going to be able to handle playing in New York and for coach Woodson for that matter...

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Shumpert and Allen are very

Shumpert and Allen are very similar in what they bring to the Knicks. Yes Tony is a better defender and leader, but that's just a function of experience at this point and Shumpert is a better shooter. I think it'd be foolish for Knicks to go after T.A.

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So I saw the Knicks have only

So I saw the Knicks have only one draft pick up to 2017. They're future is so grim. The Amare/Carmelo combo will never win they a championship, nobody is going to take those contracts off of them, and they have no draft picks to rebuild. What a bad GM, that is not how you build a team.

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Aaron Brooks could easily

Aaron Brooks could easily overtake Felton as the starting PG. he would be a fantastic fit.

The Knicks are missing a true SF. I'm not sure if the plan to try Bargnani or Melo there again. Shump and Hardaway are really 2's

Hopefully they can re-sign Smith to at least have a trade chip.

Losing Camby is a hit to our post D. Chandler is going to get worn out being the only paint protector. It is vital for the Knicks to bring back K-Mart

Leslie will prob only get garbage mins.

Maybe Jerome Jordan could give the Knicks a few quality mins this season.

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adding Bargnani is useless. this guy is constatly hurt, no rebounding, no defense. I mean, the knicks are making the playoffs but any of shot of a beating the pacers or heat are gone. Medicore team at best that wont make it past the 2nd round. Now we have two stars that play no defense: melo and Bargnani. Hard to be a knick fan.

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I like the trade for Bargs. Camby gave us nothing off the bench an Novak is as one dimensional as it gets. Bargs has played for three different coaches since entering the league and the fans in toronto disliked him to say the least a change of scenery may be just what he needs. I'm confident that we'll see Amare at 100% and bargs can provide space for melo & amare to do work. I do hate the fact that 2 picks were given up

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Not sure how people can rip

Not sure how people can rip the Knicks when the offseason just started.

So far the have made 2 moves drafting Hardaway Jr and trading for Bargnani. Hardaway is a scorer many are saying similar to JR Smith. He's insurance if JR leaves and obviously the Knicks don't have cap to sign anyone else. All their sign n trade options are similar to the deal they made for Bargnani. They have a veteran team that needs size, scoring and someone to take the pressure off of Melo. Yeah Bargnani isn't a superstar but he can score and shoot the ball. He scored 21 ppg and shot 40% on 3s once.

Last offseason people complained the Knicks were too old and they ended up winning 54 games and were a tough out in the 2nd round to the 2nd best team int he East. Now Kidd, Camby, Sheed, Thomas are all gone and who knows if Prigioni, KMart are back. Knicks got hit with the injury bug last year Sheed, Camby, Shumpert, Thomas, Amare, Chandler and Novak, Melo in the playoffs.

Shumpert will be healthy and his offense is improving. If Chandler plays like he did 2 years ago they can matchup with Indiana.

They need to sign another big man either resigning KMart or adding another big man. If Prigioni goes back to Europe they should go after Brooks he would be a solid replacement.

The East will still be weak for the most part. I don't see Miami winning 66 games again they are another year older and teams like Philly, Toronto, Milwaukee, Boston, Atlanta won't be as good

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