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First off, thanks for all of the input on Minnesota and Golden State's picks. It was very helpful. Also, I know I said I hadn't heard much about 5 teams, one of which being Toronto, but if DeRozan is one the board at 9 there is no doubt in my mind they go with him.

I really haven't heard anything about New Jersey. They are solid at PG and C with Harris and Lopez, otherwise they could use anyone. Any ideas on where New Jersey may be leaning: SG, SF, or PF?

What would their pick be assuming: Blake Griffin, Hasheem Thabeet, James Harden, Ricky Rubio, Jordan Hill, Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan, and Jonny Flynn are off the board?

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I think NJ will pick blair,

I think NJ will pick blair, lopez and blair is one tough frontcourt

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I have them going with earl

I have them going with earl clark. They need a small forward and Carter can play the 2.

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Couple guys they could take

I have been watching the draft workouts for the Nets, and I can tell you they are looking at every position except for the C. They want and need either a third point guard, a perimeter shooter, or a low post presence. Guys that they have really been impressed with are Blair and Budinger. They also like James Johnson, but they and many other teams did not like how his interviews went down, which dropped his value greatly. If you ask me, I think they might just take Blair unless some top 10 prospect falls to them like Lopez did last year. Ryan Anderson was a great pickup last year, but I'm not convinced with Yi or Najera, so if we could trade one of them maybe for another draft pick to draft a perimeter shooter, I think there #11 pick will be DeJuan Blair.

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in my opinion, they will

in my opinion, they will select either blair or budinger

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New Jersey will take that guy.

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I love his aggressiveness

I love his aggressiveness but his height scares the hell outta me... Could be Paul Millsap or Tractor Taylor but if we somehow get Boozer we should look in a different direction.

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Trade it to the Bulls

To Nets: Ben Gordon
To Bulls: Bobby Simmons and #11

Your line-up:

PG - Harris
SG - Gordon
SF - Carter
PF - Anderson
C - Lopez

How about it? I'm a Bulls fan and I want this trade to happen.

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trade nets

I thought gordon was unrestricted this year?

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The Nets need an SF. Because

The Nets need an SF. Because lets face it, Trenton Hassell just aint good enough. Maybe Earl Clark or Budinger (reminds me of RJ). CDR can back up vince, PG and C both locked down.

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Trade it to the Bulls or Pick James Johnson

I think they could work out a sign-and-trade agreement for BG7 prior to the draft, if not they should go with James Johnson.

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