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if i was nba commish and i could get owners approval i would try this system out its a 3 round specialized draft, each would hold its own lottery. and if ever a team won all 3 it could rebuild overnight but thats highly unlikely , it would be like winning the current lottery 3 years in a row

ncaa seniors would be round 1
round 2 underclassmen- early entry
round 3 international

i think theyres plenty of draftable players too make this system work any thoughts please
would contracts be guarenteed because thats what seperates the 1st round from the 2nd right now?
the first 10 contracts would be guarenteed the rest wouldnt be.
rookie contract scale= same thing first 10 contracts are paid as 1-30 are currently
it would be each teams option if they wanted to pay there players more.

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i like it

new and creative. just what the nba needs to shake it up a lil bit. i would love the inner-round trading too. very nice

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I think the draft should be

I think the draft should be a round longer, but aside from that I don't agree with anything else you have said.

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good for spectators. bad for gms

As a lover of upper classmen getting drafted I love this idea, however it's very unrealistic. Certain classes would not be strong enough to supply teams with talent in their rounds. This would be very interesting in a trading point of view. It would be alot based on what round is stronger. Do you trade a top 10 upperclassmen for a 15th underclassmen or the other way around? It would also lead to more players staying in college, which would be great for that sport. Maybe a trial run would be best.

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rounds would be great. However I did not like your 3 round idea. would never work.

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Most second round pick

Most second round pick struggle to make the team as it is. It would be interesting but I dont believe there to be enough quality players to make this happen. Likely not even 30 international players will be in a given draft class. It has a lot of holes and will never happen.

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it would definately water

it would definately water down the unfairness of the lottery though.

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Because of the saturation of

Because of the saturation of NBA talent coming and players having longer contracts, it will be tough on the current teams with the way the rounds are now because there used to be expansion teams like every five years or so and now you have nice players not playing or going overseas and the NBA is not missing a beat because there is so much NBA talent available. Bad GMs is what is hurting teams. Look how much talent is on Portland and Phoenix. You have some teams that have a surplus but other teams that are lacking because they refuse to make smart trades or they are gutting their team for a superstar. To me the draft is not about finding quality players but finding that superstar because there are tons of NBA quality players in circulation that you don't hear about until someone gets injured.

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I did not realize that 13kavak had so many followers. Maybe I should REALLY pay attention to what he has to say.

I think what you said had very little thought put into it and would really make little to no sense, unless your favorite teams were the Clippers, Kings or Thunder. Truly, a draft reformist you would not be.

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