Nets request name change

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Nets request name change

Will it just be the Brooklyn Nets?

Or will the "Nets" be gone too?



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Brooklyn Finest – This would

Brooklyn Finest – This would pay homage to the Brooklyn’s best two rappers, Jay-Z and the Notorious B.I.G. and the song they collaborated on, “Brooklyn’s Finest”.

Brooklyn Dodgers – Keep the same logo as the baseball team, save on marketing and maybe some 83-year-old will go to a game looking for Roy Capanella.

Brooklyn Deckers – Bikini uniforms? You know you wanna see Brook Lopez in one. . .

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I hope they change the name.

I hope they change the name. Ever since Jersey shore i can't stand to hear about them in the news, plus Brooklyn is a lot more basketball-esque.

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It has to be something Urban,

It has to be something Urban, somthing Underdoggish, and something to relate to the people who are the blacksheep of the New York society. Something to relate to the Youth of New York and something that will make current Knicks fans want to be Brooklyn fans.

Or Jay Z could just name them the Diamonds or something to do with Roccafella or his sign which is amazingly similar to the Illuminati sign. something incorporating the Illuminati?

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