the nets

devin hariis had 5

30 plus games

and last nite he had a 47 point game

plus he dont lack in assist

most improved player award is going to him

the nets coach is running the same system

memphis ran when they had derrick rose in college

wade would excell there in 2010 wit his agression speed power and pg skills as a sg

joe johnson would to he would spot up to knock down shots while if u could

devin harris penetrates

he could spot up and u can slide him to small forward

if the sign both of them they would b a championship team

or juss get wade and a all star big like Amare Stoudemire

excepting them to go in to the lottery

this year and next year and gettin sum good role players

oh in highly doubt


and stoudimire will stay with their teams

wade maybe if the heat turn things around by then he might stay but
amare will sign somewhere else

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oh and if magic pick up

oh and if magic pick up wade its a real threat

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