Nerlens Noel vs Andre Drummond

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Nerlens Noel vs Andre Drummond

Who do you think will be a better pro and why ?

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Andre; he's in that rare

Andre; he's in that rare class physically, while guys with Nerlens body type are very common, I also believe Drummond will be the better force in the paint due to his freakish size and athleticism to go with it; he's also not a raw as teams thought he was

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"El Grande" Drummond

"El Grande" Drummond

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for some reason i feel if he was a freshman this year and put up the same stats, he would be a top 2 pick because every gm seems to say its an extremely weak draft.

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Andre Drummond would be the

Andre Drummond would be the clear cut first pick this year had he stuck to his original 2 year college gameplan.

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