nerlens noel ranking

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nerlens noel ranking

Im just wondering other peoples opinions on this. Noel reclassified to last years class (2012) and was #2 behind shabbaz. What if he had stayed in 2013 and andrew wiggins hadnt reclassified, where would you rank him? I forgot what rivals ranked him but if my memory is right i believe he was #1. I just think that parker and randle are a little better. Whats everyone elses take on this?

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he has the most potential in

he has the most potential in the draft.... we all know hes raw and has to get stronger.... hes gnna block a lot of shots and get a lot of dunks... I think he'll be one and done at the end of the day

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I think he was #3

Well, I am at least fairly sure he was by ESPN before he reclassified. Not sure about Rivals ranking him #1, they tend to go "against the grain". Than again, they were the only major recruiting site that ended up having Shabazz #1 over Nerlens. With all of this being said, I think that Nerlens might have even been lower on Rivals than others, they loved the Harrison twins and had Andrew at #1 for a while.

The thing that Nerlens does have is that defensive instinct to change a game. Even against Maryland, he made some big plays down the stretch. Gambled on some others, just seemed to be fairly bothersome on that end in general, despite having a tough time with a guy like Alex Len. To me, this is the upside that people saw in him to have him ranked as highly as they do. Not to mention, do not see too many sites moving him down that far even with questions about his lack of a post game.

If I had to guess, I would see him being #3 right now by most sites. At the same time, I believe that the 2012 Class was seen as lacking star power. Jabari Parker, Julius Randle and even Andrew Harrison would have challenged for the #1 spot in that class. While I might rank Nerlens 7-8, think their would be little way of him being less than top 5 by the majority of recruiting services had he hypothetically remained in 2013. Guessing that he still ends up being a more effective freshman than Willie Cauley-Stein, even after his fairly mediocre debut.

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