Nerlens Noel Pro

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Nerlens Noel Pro

What teams do you think will be looking to draft him and he has a realistic shot of going to?
Also, where do you see him at in the league in a few years stats wise and impact wise i.e how he will develop.

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tough to say until we

tough to say until we actually see how teams finish the year, and how the lottery shakes out... I could see OKC taking him if he slides out of the top 3, and toronto doesnt draft in the top 3. The suns maybe? who knows.

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His offensive game will continue to grow, right now he is solid to great everywhere else. How many guys are top 10 blocks and steals?

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Im going to get killed for

Im going to get killed for saying this but I dont see that much in him.. He is long and has good ball skills for a PF but will his defense translate to the NBA? He isnt a great on ball defender; most of his stuff comes from offside help. He is very very skinny but that could change. He cant shoot and doesnt have any post moves..

I could see, at what I expect his peak to be, averaging 13 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 1.5 blocks, and 1 steal..

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Even though he is limited to

Even though he is limited to dunks for most part on scoring ability, he is still a smart passer which will take him long ways. He will never be focal point on offense but still think he will be in league for a very long time. Certainly not #1 pick material but in weak draft he will probably end up top 3 and not disappoint. I see him being a 12pt 10reb 2 blk kind of guy. The best NBA comparison I can think of is Joakim Noah

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Know the draft is weak...

But I dont know if teams would risk taking him in the Top 3... Look at what happened to Andre Drummond last year... He had an excelent draft combine and still slided to 9 for the Pistons... In the top 3 GM's Know in day are lookin to secure there picks and not draft on potential as in the past.. Specially on big guys...

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i like him he isn't bad

i like him he isn't bad offensivelly unless you wanted a scorer but who knew Nerlens before he is getting better his passing and touch on ball handling pretty much surprises me,,and he is STUD defensively not only Davis 10.4rpg and sick 4.7 is reachible but CENTER steals 3 steals per game that sick how cat quick he is with both his feet and his hands too..

i would like Magic to pick him and try to create something to fulfills that C spot..

peak 14-16pts 10-11rpg 4apg 3-3.5blp and the best numbers in steals for a center since Olajuwon..

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I like to see him have a

I like to see him have a dominant or good game against a major conference school. Most of his numbers have come across very weak competition.

These are his averages against the four major conference schools he's faced (Maryland, Duke, Notre Dame and Baylor)

9.5/10/1.3 with 2 blocks and 3.5 steals. 34 percent shooting. He's also fallen for countless pumpfakes.

What's most impressed me is the improvement of his motor. I saw several of his high school/AAU games and he shuffled down the court expending little energy. He didn't get after the boards either. He was an elite shotblocker missing the effort level of a dominant defender and that left me disappointed. In Kentucky's televised scrimmage, the motor was still low. Calipari had to have said something to him about playing harder and good for Noel for changing because I can't recall many low-motor guys becoming high-motor guys. I used to think that he was only an above-average athlete and not as good an athlete as Anthony Davis. I can't believe how much his low-motor suppressed his elite athleticism from coming out because he is a fantastic athlete with speed and jumping ability.

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