Nerlens Noel NBA Comparison

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Nerlens Noel NBA Comparison has a Larry Sanders/Dikembe Mutombo going for this guy. Every time I saw him play to me he's Joakim Noah. Good passer out of the post, Blocks, Steals. I think of Noah when I think of Noel. A 12/12/3/2/2 kind of guy. Just stuffing the sheet.

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That is

That is a good one. To me he reminds me of Camby the most and even more than Anthony Davis who was compared to him at times last year.

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That's my comparison for him

Noah; that's my comparison for him as well, more Athletic.
Some Ibaka on defense.
I like how he has a 7'4 wingspan, as opposed to like 7'2.

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When I read the post title,

When I read the post title, Camby immediately sprang to mind but Noah is also a good comparison. If he can get anywhere near Mutombo's level he'd be a number 1 lock pick.

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Not Noah but Udoh

Noah has an ugly shoot and he is not bad on the free-throw line. I do admit that the Bull improved his offensive skills during his NBA career but when he started, he was nowhere near Noel in terms of blocking (less than 1 block a game in his rookie season). The comparison with Sanders seems, to me, more accurate. Even more accurate would be a comparison with Sanders' teammate Ekpe Udoh. Noel being a better version but with a very similar game.

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