NBA2k13 Offseason Events

The off season is a time for summer league ball, training, and putting in work to become better than you were a year ago. In EVERY NBA2k game the off season has been bland and pretty disappointing.

I purpose this, how about 2k takes the EA route and get a little creative with the off season for the " My Player " and " Association " modes.

2K Sports annual PRO-AM'S

Every summer numerous players throughout the league throw charity events and call upon their colleagues to help make these events successful. What if 2k generated their own off season pro-am event? It's very possible... as a matter of fact, how about they scrap that FAKE and UNREALISTIC rookie showcase (bring back draft combine, implement pre-draft workouts, bring back and revamp the summer league, and training camps) and turn that platform into the " 2k Sports PRO-AM " event. The Pro athletes can either accept invitations or decline and 2k can generate those ugly generic prospects like always. Users should have the ability to play as their " My Player " character as well as create/edit the amateur prospects pool.


Every player works on their game when the lights are dim. Like I've said before, there should not be any down time in sports games. It's too much for a player to do. Give us a damn trainer! hell, let us sign with a generic training company or even bring back ATTACK gyms (NBA2k11) and let us train with them at their gym or IMPACT BASKETBALL. If I'm a lottery pick I should be training with the best right after I sign with an agency. We should have had trainers and agents by NBA 2k11 to be honest (but that's another rant), I just don't understand why we have to shoot the ball and then go rebound it like we're still playing basketball for free lol we are in the NBA and we should be equipped with everything the real NBA have. Fix the practice facilities and let me shoot on BOTH SIDES OF THE DAMN COURT! (WTF is that about?). I didn't pay $65 bucks to shoot on ONE SIDE OF THE DAMN COURT 2K.


This year, it's bigger than every. This MANDATORY for NBA players with little to no skill/experience and you at 2k should take this league seriously. BRING IT BACK AND MAKE IT BETTER THAN EVER! I want to feel like I'm fighting for my livelihood out there, not just playing game after game then doing drills. Have both the ORL summer league (5 games) and the Vegas summer league (10 games) and you go to whichever league your drafting team is apart of. These are the things that made NBA2k10 and NBA 2k11 feel like the real thing, there is NO EASY/ACCELERATED WAY INTO THE NBA 2k!


I really can't understand why 2k removed training camps. This is another MANDATORY aspect of the NBA game that was absent from NBA2k12. This should be considered as the " BOSS " level for a basketball game. This is the last hurdle before the big finish and we should be fighting for jobs not simulating. Please bring this back and revamp it completely 2k, you guys are taking VALUABLE practice time away from the user and it makes for a very boring experience...

Let's get BACK TO REALITY with NBA2k13!

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