NBA2k13 My Career help

I have a few questions, hopefully, someone will be able to help me. I am a 6'2 PG and already a 99 at the start of my third season. I have 2 rings and an MVP, but I play for the Bucks.. and as a Bulls fan it just hurts.

1. At the end of the year I can sign elsewhere. Where should I go? (Hornets signed Lebron, but I don't think they can sign me and resign AD)

2. Who are the best shooting big men (to help me with assists)? I've traded for Ryan Anderson and he is nice, just looking for more options.

3. What two guards in the game will shoot on my command? Again I wanna boost my assists and D Lamb is suprisingly awesome at jacking up shots from wherever just cuz I told him so.

4. When I sign as a free agent can I choose how much I play for? I'd love to play w/ Lebron, Gordon and AD. I'd take a virtual pay cut if I can.

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