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I am in a Franchise on 2k11. I simulated the first two years and currently playing in year 3 with the Pistions. I use the 2kDraftclass Roster share. I was interested with what teams yall play with and your lineups. Here is mine.

PG Brandon Knight

SG Rodney Stuckey

SF Danny Granger

PF Anthony Davis

C Greg Monroe

Bench: Richard Hamilton, Kenyon Martin, Jimmer Fredette, Terrico White, Marcus Camby, Lucas Nogueria, Austin Daye, John Henson.

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Man i had a team with the

Man i had a team with the Rapts and was gonna build my team around Jonas Valanciunas and i traded some players for some expiring contracts and young players and one of them was Ricky Rubio who assist are high (downloaded some 4 out of 5 rated rookie roster ) also Greg Oden was a free agent with this guys roster so sighned him to the mid level exception see if i could make him back into that number 1 overall pick and then I managed to get the Cavs first round pick with another expring contract ( I think Jamisons) and got lucky in the lotto and got the top 2 picks and drafted Harrison Barns and Anthony Davis , then here comes free agents and CP3 ,Deron Williams and Dwight all opted out .I tried to sighn CP3 first and he rejected so I sighn Deron because I had alot of cap because of those expiring contracts . So picked up Deron and used one of my training things to increase Greg Odens Potential . So when I enterend the season I traded Deron Williams ,Greg Oden ,and Ed Davis and my first round for Kevin Durant and a bad player to even out saleries.

And after a year my lineup was

Pg-Ricky Rubio

Sg-Harrison Barnes

Sf-Kevin Durant

Pf-Anthony Davis

C-Jonas Valanciunas

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nice post

nice post

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Their roster has been

Their roster has been upgraded with the additions of Lamar Odom, Jamal Crawford, Grant Hill, Matt Barnes, Willie Green, Ryan Hollins and Ronny Turiaf.

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Thanks man

Thanks man

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