NBA teams under Euroleague rules

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NBA teams under Euroleague rules

A thought came to my mind, if NBA sent team to play the Euroleague and play under Euroleague rules, what type of record would they register?

Factor in difficult times adjusting to new rules and different style of play, etc.

These are my thoughts:

Miami -
Should translate over quite nicely due to style of play. LBJ would be the so called 'Goat of International basketball' with so many shooters around him. Defensively would look to add Defensive bigs to roster. May take some time to adjust but hard to see them not being one of the favorites. Bosh would fit in perfectly into a larger role under new rules.

San Antonio -
The EuroTeam of the NBA. Personally, would love to see the Spurs vs Some high quality Euro Clubs. Would def pay to watch them play at tournament level. Should also be one of the favorites. Would love to see Duncan's reaction as he dislike international style of play.

Golden State -
My Team, with the merging trio of Curry, Thompson and Barnes. The three bring an unique combination that is hard to contend in NBA style play. Would love to see them develop together in years to come and maybe one day...maybe see the three on the same US roster. Would be a legendary story to company.

Indiana -
May fit better to new rules and playing style, has everything a international coach can ask for. Lots of potential.

Minnesota -
With Euroleague experience across the team. The wolves is a team that would suit translate over very nicely. When healthy, deep at every position.

What are your thoughts on other teams? Weaker teams??

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