Nba Sophmores

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Nba Sophmores

What NBA sophomores are you looking forward to.

Me personally I wanna see what Austin Rivers will do. He really struggled last year and at Duke. I still remember this guy lighting up high school kids for 40 I think he the game starts to slow down for him this year. I'm expecting a 12ppg season especially if they get rid off Eric Gordon.

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Bradley Beal I really want to

Bradley Beal I really want to see how he goes with Wall for a whole season. I started a big Lillard fan, but Beal turned into my fave rookie by the seasons end. I really think as he matures he will become the Wizards key offensive contributor.

Andre Drummond will be cool to see the development of as well. He can truly be something special!

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I hope to see Harrison Barnes

I hope to see Harrison Barnes to dominate games as done in the playoffs.

"I want to" see play many more minutes Lamb and Jones.

I hope to see Anthony Davis putting many blocks, 1.8 I found little to him.

"I want to" see Kendall Marshall giving many assists as he did in North Carolina.

I hope to see Terrence Jones dominate in Houston.

Royce White hope to see a game.

I hope to see Jared Sullinger put a 16-10 without Garnett next year, but if you continue Garnett, hope to see you put 11-7.

I hope to see Marquis Teague on another team next season, on a team where he can play 20-25 minutes.

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Sullinger could develop or

Sullinger could develop or better exhibit an interesting dribble drive game with more leway and a better back. Just kinda bully his way to the basket go into a post up move or kick it out. He has the jumper to draw defenders out and in position to get a bit of space on them to plow to the rim without charging.

His whole offensive game will be a joy to watch. Defense too with better mobility. Plus minus manimal even last year.

Tony Wroten might be fun to watch, along with Rivers.

Can't help but wonder how good Barnes could be on a team like charlotte or somewhere hes not the third perimeter option.

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rockets were shopping

rockets were shopping terrence jones for a first rounder in feb. He'd prob go top 5 in this draft. Not sure what his trade value would be now but hes probably not being shopped anymore.

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I agree with Beal. When Wall

I agree with Beal. When Wall came back his numbers shot up. Beal shot 50% from 3 in January,42% in February, amazing for a 19 year old. Also want to see Dion Waiters. I was one of the original doubters but he has plenty of room to grow. Him and Kyrie will be an amazing scoring duo. Gotta think we'll see some Gasol-Howard type lobs from Monroe and Drummond next year if Drummond is starting at C. Should be fun to see. Then Barnes had a solid year but then stepped his game up during the playoffs. Some of these guys fell into great situations where they can make big jumps in there second year.

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The Rockets power forwards

The Rockets power forwards Donatas Motiejunas, Thomas Robinson, Terrence Jones, and even Royce White. I want to see who can step up and be consistent on both ends of the court. If two of these four really step up then I'd have to imagine they may move at least one of the others.

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I want to

I wanna see MKG with a much improved perimeter game, reminding everyone how great of a talent he is.

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Andre Drummond.

Andre Drummond.

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tony wroten

If coach hollins stop being blind and up tight, Wroten can be a nice young player

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It'd be great if mchale sees

It'd be great if mchale sees how great a post player motie is; giving him the minutes at the pf spot while further developing him to be the player he once was..

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I would love to see Anthony

I would love to see Anthony Davis on about 20 lbs of muscle and become more assertive and a little nasty....

Jeremy Lamb getting more playing time....

Tony Wroten working on his outside shooting...And Harrison Barnes become a better ball handler.....

Arnett Moultrie will be among the most improved players in the nba next season......

Andre Drummond make teams regret they overlooked him.....

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Keep Sleepin

Can't wait to see Jonas Valanciunas next year for his sophmore season. There's a reason the Spurs offered the Raps Tony Parker and the #15 pick of the 2011 draft for the rights to draft JV... Cause he's a Beast!

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Definetly Roye White if he

Definetly Roye White if he gets playing time as he has a really unique skillset.

I think Drummond is gonna be a starter next year so it'll be interested to see what he does with larger minutes.

Terrence Ross is somebody that I'm hoping get a larger role. He could really exceed as a 6th man with his aggressiveness, explosive athleticism, and 3 point shooing.

And the biggest, IMO, is Jonas Valanciunas who really turned it on at the end of the season and is rumored to be working with Hakeem this summer in order to further refine his post game. He's already a very well rounded bigman.

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