NBA ready rankings 1-10

We all know that every year there will be players who are drafted to high and to low. players like last years Brooke lopez wgo was drafted 10th and proved to be a steal. while player like Daniel galinari and joe Alexander went befor lopez and did do anything. With this years draft being weak I though I would let you no what player will be making a name for themselves next season and help there team not ''riding the pine''.

1.Blake Griffin-could come in and start for almost any team except the one who won the lottery. the clipps are loaded with bad hard to move front court players such as Zach Randolph and Chris Camen that they have to move. They also have Marcus Camby and D'Andre Jordan.
2.James Harden-a crafty lefty who will come in and be a solid scorer instantly. Should contend for rookie of the year with Blake Griffin playing for the clippers.
3.Steph Curry-will come and nock down the the three an will be able to get his own shot at the one. If he's drafted by the knicks he won't have to prove he can play d which will help him get on the court.
4.Earl Clark-the 6'9" swingman can defend the 2,3 and 4 positions. he's a good rebounder and handles like a guard, can get his own shot also a good and willing passer. He needs to add NBA range and consistency to his jumpshot.
5.Hasheem Thabeet-will block shots instantly. He's a great athlete for being 7'2". offense need much work but can run the floor and cath alley oops to a score as long as he stays out of foul he will play good minuets.
*top five players are first team all rookie*
6.Ricky Rubio-18 year old Spanish pg adjust to the style of play. The quicker he learns to play NBA defense the quicker he will get on the court.
7.Jordan Hill-athletic big who rebounds has a decent motor which will help him get minuets were ever he goes.
8.Gerald Henderson-very athletic 2guard that has a good midrange game and is a decent defender.
9.Tyreke Evans- will play the 2 but could see minuets as a backup point guard. His jumper needs work but other than that he's a player.
10.Ty Lawson/jonny Flynn/Eric Maynor/Wayne Ellington/DeMar DeRozan/Brandon Jennings/Jeff Teague/Jrue Holiday/James Johnson/Terrence Williams/DeJaun Blair

I couldn't decide on number 10 tell me what I think who's to high who's to low anyone leftout.

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I think Curry and Clark are too high

I also think Harden should be #1. I think he could be great within a year,

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jrue holliday should be no where near the top 10

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Emeka Okafor was more NBA

Emeka Okafor was more NBA ready than Dwight Howard...and Orlando almost took him b/c of that

Being 'NBA Ready' is very overrated

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It was close

Dwight Howard still averaged a double double.

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Cant put in a specific

Cant put in a specific order

Griffin is big strong and will get alot of second chance buckets and tons of rebounds

Harden will step in and play like a veteran scorer like Roger Mason but will not improve much over his career

Johnson is big and strong with a ton of versatility. He has the size to step in and play, depends on the coach.

Williams can probably come in and start for 10 NBA teams. Even some contenders like Denver, Houston, Miami. He has an NBA mans body. great athleticism, defense and great court vision with excellent passing ability. Very high b-ball IQ.

Rubio has the b-ball IQ to step in and start as a competent PG for alot of teams in the NBA. He has great size for a PG. I just dont think he can grow much as a player because of his athletic limitations.

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