NBA Offseason: Winners and Losers

Opinions of the teams with the best and worst offseasons so far?

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spurs and bobcats

Spurs definitely had the best offseason by adding RJ, Blair and Mcdyss

Bobcats haven't done anything yet to improve their team

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Best: Spurs Got the steal in

Best: Spurs
Got the steal in the draft, added RJ, added McDyess

Worst: Heat
Havent done anything, no 1st round draft pick, not-so-happy D-Wade

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If the Celtics resign glen davis they did a good job. they got another polished vet and they didnt trade rondo.
Spurs for all the reasons above

As for the worst you can look at the Rockets, who lost Yao.
The Cavaliers for resigning Varejo to a fifty million dollar contract
and The hornets, have they done anything yet

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