NBA Offseason

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NBA Offseason

What would you consider a succesful offseason for your favorite NBA team?

For the Blazers this is what I'm hoping happens:

With the 10th pick, take either Muhammad or Olynyk if either are available. Shabazz can come in as a scorer for the second unit, and slowly take over the starting spot in a year or two. Say what you say about him, but he works hard and wants to be the best he can be, and guys like that are rare. Olynyk would provide depth and add more height and length to the frontcourt. A rotation of Aldridge, Leonard and Olynyk has a great mix of scoring, rebounding, defense, and hard work between the three.

In the second round, trade up to try and snatch Jamaal Franklin and they can, maybe Myck Kabongo as well. It's a stretch, but those two can add much needed depth to the worst bench in the league. Franklin's got an all around game and can contribute right out the gate off the bench, and Kabongo can be brought along a little slower playing behind Lillard and Maynor.

Free Agency:
Just look for a starting caliber center who isn't in the twilight of his career. Maybe try their chances at Nikola Pekovic? Just someone who can score some buckets down low if needed to, add some toughness and grit to the team and grab rebounds and play defense down low. Most likely just let Hickson walk, unless he accepts a contract around what he earned this year to play off the bench, which is as unlikely as Greg Oden passing a physical. Also, let guys like Smith, Babbit, Jeffries, Williams and Pavlovic walk.

Possible rotation after the offseason:
PG- Lillard/Maynor/Kabongo
SG- Matthews/Muhammad/Barton
SF- Batum/Franklin
PF- Aldridge/Freeland
C- Pekovic/Leonard/Olynyk

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You have

Muhammad and Olynyk both in your possible roster and Portland can only take one of the two. Which one would you rather have? You are paying big money to Batum, so I take Olynyk.

Also, many people have brought up concerns about Bazz's motor and drive to be great considering his weight issues at UCLA and that fact that the dad might be the one pushing Bazz instead of Bazz pushing himself.

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Both draft choices are sound

Both draft choices are sound but I would not draft Olynyk and then try for Prkovic via FA as that would create a frontcourt logjam at C with Leonard also to factor in. But drafting Bazz and looking at Pekovic or drafting Olynyk and chasing an FA SG lets say one of Jennings/Mayo/Ellis etc would also be fine with me.

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For the nets

Can we please just get rid of Gerald Wallace! And if we could get kris humphries off of our books also if be thrilled we don't need to be paying him that much to come off the bench. I would love to either get marshawn brooks aging time or at least get another scorer to come in off the bench

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For the Bucks

For the Bucks, I would like to see them let Ellis go, and only bring back Jennings and Redick if Jennings will take 7-9 million per year, or Redick will take around 6 million per year. Otherwise, let them go as well, draft a PG like MCW, and suck enough that we get a great pick next year. Also, look into trading Mbah A Moute to a contender that can make proper use of him in return for a 2nd round pick or some young asset.

What I actually expect them to do is:
- Let Ellis go
- Re-sign Jennings to a deal for 9-11 million per year
- Re-sign Redick for 8 million per year
- Attempt to sign either Josh Smith or Andre Iguodala
- Trade Mbah A Moute or Ersan Ilyasova

I will not be happy at all if they do what I expect.

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