NBA Most Valuable Players

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NBA Most Valuable Players has composed a chart that factors how many minutes each player in the league plays(minimim of 40% of teams minutes)and within those minutes it determines how productive the player is on offense and defense which is then factored into a simple rating which shows how much a team success hinges on that player playing, PER is also factored in. any surprises?

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David West is quietly having

Nice post...

David West is quietly having a great year. Manu and Parker have always been slightly underrated compared to just how valuable they are to the spurs. Drummond has been killing it with the second unit.

Mike dunleavy was bit of a surprise !

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Yeah there are some surprises

Yeah there are some surprises but salary and performance based on # of minutes were weighed pretty heavy

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nice Stats

Kyle Korver is the MAN!

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Im getting tired of all of these formulas these guys are coming up with. At first they were cool, but now everybody wants to come up with formulas to prove different basketball stats which dont really have much truth to them on the court wise. They dont show you who's better or more important or who's the problem, but they really just stir up confusion. Latest example: Rudy Gay... He got traded by John Hollinger, because of the formula that John Hollinger came up with. Lol thats still crazy to me. It proves Gay to be one of the most inefficient players in the league and proved him to be the most dispensable Grizzlies' starter. Word around is Coach Hollins and Zach Randolph are really pissed off about the whole trade.

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People can say all they want,

People can say all they want, but nothing can convince me that LeBron doesn't deserve MVP this year. He's a top 3 defensive player, shoots the best FG% percentage of anyone who's not a PF-C, and is a better passer and rebounder than Durant. His ONLY major weakness is his free throw shooting, which really does need work.

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Who did you want to trade

Who did you want to trade then? I'm taking zbo over gay anyday. I think they should played out the season before tradin one of them but they definitely made the right choice in keeping Randolph over Rudy gay. In my opinion gay is a glorified chuker. He has the athletic tools to be a top 10 swing man but he takes a lot of bad inefficient shots and I think gays bad shots will be better put to use spreading it for Conley, zbo and gasol. If tayshaun prince can give them some 3 and d production and I think it was a good trade

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He's averaged 34.8 points, 6.0 rebounds, 5.8 assists and 2.2 steals during that stretch and piled up games of 52, 37, 32 and 33 points in his last four outings. As we enter the second half of the regular season, Durant appears to be the one player capable of outlasting LeBron James for the top spot.

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Interesting the Nets are

Interesting the Nets are playing bad when Joe Johnson is off the court

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how about you have very bad

how about you have very bad backup / bench players to make your off court differential go higher lol

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Simple ratings? This is the

Simple ratings? This is the most complex bunch of crock I've ever seen.

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Its a nice post, and an

Its a nice post, and an interesting formula...

but I agree with that guy above, I've kind of had enough of these formulas. They come up with fairly predictable stats, but then when random guys like Davis West and Mike Dunleavy end up way too high and we talk about are they they aren't.

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If OKC and Heat end up having

If OKC and Heat end up having the same record, then i think Lebron will get the MVP becuase he has better stats. But if OKC has a better record Durant should take it out.

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