NBA Mock Draft (criticism needed)

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NBA Mock Draft (criticism needed)

So I have been looking over my mock draft lottery continually and feel that it is pretty solid. I would like people to give me some constructive criticism. I may be too high on some players, may not have heard certain rumors, or don't know a team as well as some other people on the forum. Thanks for the help.

1. Blake Griffin, LA Clippers - This pick is a foregone conclusion.

2. Hasheem Thabeet, Memphis - I'm not sure if they will keep the pick but even if it is traded I feel Thabeet is still the most likely pick. I like Rubio better here but I don't think Memphis has the guts to draft him.

3. James Harden, Oklahoma City - Harden would fit in nicely with Durant, Westbrook, and Green. I feel like the Thunder have made up their minds and this is the guy.

4. Ricky Rubio, Sacramento - Evans could be the pick here but I don't think the Kings will pass up on a talent like Rubio.

5. Jordan Hill, Dallas via Washington - If Thabeet or Rubio are on the board here then the Wizards may keep the pick. Since they aren't, the best trade I have heard is Hill to Dallas for either Jason Terry or Josh Howard.

6. Tyreke Evans, Minnesota - Sounds like the T-wolves are really high on him. Could also take Curry here.

7. DeMar DeRozan, Golden State - This is the hardest pick for me to read in the lottery. The Warriors really need a point guard but management promised Ellis he would run the point next season. DeRozan fits the mold of their last few drafts of athletic players with potential: Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright. I would find it interesting if they traded the pick and Corey Maggette to the Clippers for Baron Davis.

8. Stephen Curry, New York - The promise was made and now it is kept.

9. Gerald Henderson, Toronto - Need an athletic wing player badly. Could also be Earl Clark, James Johnson, or DeRozan if he falls this far.

10. Jonny Flynn, Milwaukee - I think this is the number one PG on their draft board. Allows them to let Sessions go and sign VIllanueva.

11. Brandon Jennings, New Jersey - I don't think Jennings will fall this far but I don't know who really wants him. New Jersey is looking for a third string PG (Ty Lawson?) and they really like Omri Casspi. Look for them to trade down with a team that has two late firsts or a late first and early second like: Minnesota, Portland, and Memphis. May decide to go with DeJuan Blair to team with Brook Lopez.

12. Wayne Ellington, Charlotte - I think the Bobcats would prefer Henderson and may take either Johnson or Clark instead. Ellington is definitely worth a lottery pick and is a hometown prospect. He would make a good replacement for Raja Bell.

13. Jeff Teague, Indiana - I hear they are high on Teague. The Pacers are really solid everywhere so I expect them to take the best player available. Could take Blair who would be a good back up to Troy Murphy or Jrue Holiday to be the future PG instead of Teague.

14. James Johnson, Phoenix - I have heard they like Flynn, Blair, and Johnson. I don't think Flynn will fall this far. Could take Blair over Johnson. Not sure if they would consider taking Earl Clark over Johnson.

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i like it

but i think evans is a bit too high (flynn,jennings, and curry should go befoe him), and i dont think holiday falls out the lottery

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i think golden state would

i think golden state would take flynn before derozan

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I like it except Terrence

I like it except Terrence Williams will go #12 before Ellington.

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eglinton too high, gs will

eglinton too high, gs will draft a gaurd whether monta wants them to or not. and derozan will fall to toronto

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i like it Except Blair goes

i like it Except Blair goes before Ellington

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Good, but, Derozan will go to Toronto, he fits there, and he actually doesn't care about playing in Canada instead of the US. Ellington will not go in the Lottery. This is where Henderson will go. I actually heard that the Bucks liked Teague over Flynn. I didn't hear anything about Indy liking Teague, but it's a possibility. I liked the the Wiz mavs trade. The wiz could use a veteran like Howard or Terry. Terry would help them out more in the long run I think, incase Agent Zero gets injured once again. What happened to the rest of the draft. I'd like to see the entire first rond.

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Love it. No complants good

Love it. No complants good job - check out my mock

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curry will be gone by 8 i

curry will be gone by 8 i see jennings being taken

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