NBA Internet Talk Shiow

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NBA Internet Talk Shiow

What do you think of the idea of an NBA Internet Talk Radio Show?

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for, some users

for, some users came up with the idea of making a podcast a while back and then they dissappeared bu yeah it would be a good idea

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I love that 24 hour marathon

I love that 24 hour marathon NBADRAFT.NET did a few months ago,when there was a writer answered questions live for 24 hours....

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Over the course of two months

Over the course of two months the Suns have completely retooled their roster by being aggressive in free agency and ambitious while working the trading block netting a team which could possibly compete for a Western Conference playoff spot in their first season without Nash.

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One of the team’s strengths

One of the team’s strengths this season will be the backcourt with Williams, Jeff Teague and former All-Star Devin Harris expected to get the lion’s share of minutes at guard. From afar, Williams has admired both of his new backcourt mates.

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I'd love the idea of talking

I'd love the idea of talking basketball with some of the guys on here, and I'm sure you'd all love to hear my painfully Australian accent coming out of your speakers, but alas, the time difference would probably kill any chance of that happening.

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