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Somebody got outcoached and

Somebody got outcoached and it wasn't Scotty Brooks...

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Very poor second half by

Very poor second half by Miami. In the first half, it looked like Miami had found a little bit of an answer to all the Durant pin downs, but that changed in the second half. I suppose OKC has been getting Durant the ball waaaay more in the 2nd half throughout the postseason, though, so I should have expected it.

Miami just didn't attack the basket hard or play with confidence in the second half. LeBron respected Sefolosha a bit too much. Several times on the secondary break LeBron had a chance to attack the rim with little help defense, but instead posted up far from the basket or swung the ball to a covered player. Wade did better, but still, Miami settled too often in the 2nd half for jump shots late in the shot clock. The Heat NEED to attack early in the shot clock or else the Thunder's shot blockers will control the game.

I must admit, I was taken aback by how well the Thunder perimeter defenders played. The Thunder did an outstanding job keeping ball handlers in front of them and didn't gamble too often in the 2nd half. They got steals and played aggressive, but not in a careless manner at all. They didn't reach in on dribblers too much.

I think Miami got a little complacent after hitting all those jumpers early in the game. Until it was already too late, Wade seemed to willing to settle for jumpers and LeBron passed out to the perimeter too often. Bosh also needs to be more aggressive moving towards the hole, but I must credit the Thunder for really shutting down the Heat's passing lanes into the post and towards Bosh as the roll man.

Interesting to see the Thunder really relying on Durant and Westbrook. Gone were all those Harden pick and rolls we saw in the Spurs series. In the 1st half, the Heat really prevented Harden from turning the corner with their traps and they never had to pay for it as the Thunder bigs didn't do much scoring and Harden was unable to pass quickly. The Thunder didn't go back to it much in the 2nd half, but I wonder what will happen the rest of the series. They will need to diversify their offense to a certain extent, although talent does win out in the end. Maybe Ibaka should slip the picks and the Thunder could run Durant or Westbrook to the elbow to take the pass from Harden and get it to Ibaka down low if Harden can't pass it straight to Ibaka. The Heat do rotate fast, though.

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Wow, Durant and Westbrook put

Wow, Durant and Westbrook put on a show!

Westbrook started off terribly (Perhaps nerves) but took over the game along with Durant!

Wade needs to stop playing like a scared school girl and be the help that LeBron needed. Taking contested jump-shot after contested jump-shot isn't going to get it done Dwyane, especially when your jump-shot hasn't been dropping the last two years.

It's scary to think that if the Thunder keep Harden and Ibaka, they'll be title-contenders for the next 8-12 years.

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That many yrs would be unreal

That many yrs would be unreal but it could happen and all they'd need would be a Center and they'll be in the WCF every year almost.

Wade, Bosh and other need to play well or else Miami won't win. Miami's spacing was weak and they didn't adjust really.

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