NBA Draft: Why do Teams work out and interview random players who don't fit?

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NBA Draft: Why do Teams work out and interview random players who don't fit?

Why do teams workout and interview players that they have no shot at drafting or doesn't even fit the team? MCW interviewed and will work out for the wolves and bobcats. Why would either teAm consider him? Also the bobcats will consider trey Burke and otto porter with there top 5 pick. One scout from another lottery team questioned y the cats would be interested in Burke and that he's smaller than walker. Porter does most of the things MKG does but better shooter. Why are teams interested in players who are the worst fit for there team?

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I guess..

Sometimes you want to be sure on what your passing on.

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Most teams like to throw smokescreens

You don't want other people to know your draft targets

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To workout against the guys

To workout against the guys they are more interested in.

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To see if they can play

To see if they can play beside your stars or if they are good enough to allow you to trade players to make room for them..

With the recent success of the Curry/Jack combo, you will see more teams look to play two PGs at the same time.. That could be why the Bobcats like Burke and MCW.

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the interviews at the combine

the interviews at the combine dont mean much. if you plan on flying a guy out for a workout, you arent going to select him as one of the 18 players you interview in Chicago.

Cleveland didnt request to interview Otto Porter in Chicago. Its not because they arent interested, its because they are really interested and plan on spending a whole day with him down the road. the interviews in Chicago are used by a lot of teams to talk to some of the players they dont see worth flying out

also, smokescreens do play a part in it as well

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