NBA Draft rumors: Could Victor Oladipo go No. 1?

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NBA Draft rumors: Could Victor Oladipo go No. 1?

What do you guys think about this? Wouldn't see why the Cavs would do this, I think its a smoke screen to trade the pick. If they drafted Harrison last year I would believe it.

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I think it's more due

I think it's more due diligence than anything. The Cavs are contemplating all possibilities before they make their decision. This is make or break time for Chris Grant and the Cavs org.

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I just cant take the rumor

I just cant take the rumor seriously. Do they think Oladipo is the best player in this draft? Because if they do I think they are overrating what he brings to a team. That being said I'm also against them drafting McLemore after salivating over Waiters last year.

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I agree with you on Oladipo.

I agree with you on Oladipo. But I think that they should draft McLemore and move Waiters to the bench. I think that will be a good move for the team. But to be honest if they are drafting on need they should take Otto Porter. They need a SF and he is a SF and he is one of if not the most ready to play in the NBA out of anybody in this draft. If they did what they were suppose to do and draft Barnes last year then McLemore this year would be an easy chose.

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i personally, actually think

i personally, actually think zeller and olidipo are the 2 best players in this draft. that being said, cleveland could really go any which way and still not make the wrong pick. unless noel turns into a greg oden with his knees.

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I doubt it but again it's the

I doubt it, but then again it's the Cavs...they "reached" for Tristan Thompson & Dion Waiters in the last two drafts, so it wouldn't be out of character for them to reach again. Also I think Oladipo could play SF for them anyways, would be a small lineup but very quick & athletic wing-play.

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Oladipo fits with Mike Brown

Waiters can back up the 1 and 2, they can still grad a 3 at #19. It's probably not the best plan, but I can see it being discussed.

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If they don't draft a big and

If they don't draft a big and go with either McLemore or Oladipo that would give them three guards. Irving is already the knockdown shooter guy and Waiters can also score, so why not go with a guy that complements the other two? I think Oladipo would complement Waiters and Irving more, since he is a high motor, energy guy who can defend. He is not a true, pure scorer but he can get to the basket. He's a good finisher and should be the recipient of lots of Kyrie Irving passes.

You can also get away with playing all three of those guards together -- Irving, Dipo, and Waiters, easier than you can with McLemore. Victor can be a small ball three. I don't see McLemore being able to do that. ... and he is not in the same class of athlete, but Wayne Ellington is there as a shooter at the 2 spot. He is solid. A good shooter off the bench for them.

I think that Oladipo would fill more needs for them rather than McLemore.

Irving, Waiters, Oladipo, and Wayne Ellington is a good young four guard rotation. And, Waiters can handle some, and Oladipo can guard a few perimeter spots.

If the Cavs wanted to get a shooter later in the draft they could trade down to get Seth Curry. Not the quickest guy or a pure point guard, but the guy can shoot the ball. He would give them a shooter like they passed up in McLemore, but also a guy who could play some point guard at some point down the road.

If it were me, I would go BPA at the 3 spot or a big man spot with the 19th pick. I think they could even go with Tim Hardaway, Jr. as another wing guy who can do several things. He is more of an all-around guy that McLemore. He can also handle and pass. He isn't a true 3 man either but I also think he can play some small forward. I think Hardaway, Jr. can be one of the better guys in this class.

That would be a lot of guards, then again they wouldn't have to worry about their guard spots for a long time. They could start Kyrie Irving and Victor Oladipo, two prototype guards. Then they can bring Waiters and Hardaway off the bench. Both guys can score and handle some too. They can even run the offense through Hardaway. Wayne Ellington could be a spot shooter off the bench to round out the back court rotation.

Then at 31 and 33 they can go big. This assumes that they are ok with Gee at small forward and will try Hardaway and Oladipo some at the 3 spot. Or, they just wait until 2014 to take a small forward.

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Why does everyone think if

Why do many people think if the Cavs draft McLemore he'll start over Waiters? Just because he's a potential number 1 pick doesn't mean he should get the automatic start. McLemore needs to prove to us he can start over Waiters because as it stands right now, Waiters is surely the better overall player between the two right now.

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Waiters is probably the

Waiters is probably the better player now but the only reason he is better is because he has a year of NBA experience over McLemore. We know McLemore is the better shooter and is slightly more athletic than Waiters. We know Waiters is more aggressive and has the better handle so he is able to create with the ball in his hands especially in the pick and roll. Waiters seems like the more active player on both ends of the court but Ben seems like he will be more efficient.

If I could only have one of them right now I would go with Ben without even seeing him play an NBA game based on his potential. Waiters is certainly a nice player and he pretty much put up the same stats as a rookie as he did his last year at Syracuse with worst shooting numbers. I think in the right situation that Ben could put up similar numbers to the ones he put up in college as well. He won't shoot 50%, 42% and 87% from the field, 3 and free throw line respectively but I wouldn't be surprised if he was able to put up close to 15 points a game. He has a lot to work on but with the tools he already has if he is assertive he could be an all-star in the making.

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I'll admit that McLemore is

I'll admit that McLemore is the better prospect, and will probably be the better player versus Waiters. So if they think McLemore is the best player in the draft (which he very well may be) then I could be just overreacting about drafting 2 SGs back to back.

My problem is that the Cavs LOVED Waiters last year. Not liked, they LOVED him. So much so that they went against the obvious choice of Barnes, - a SF with ideal size and athleticism who could play off-ball of Irving - and grabbed him at number 4. They didn't even bother trying to trade down for him. Why? Because they thought he had star potential.

So you're ready to put him in a sixth man role after one season? Does Chris Grant just think he made a mistake reaching for Waiters? If so, then why is he still making another draft decision.

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It might stem from the fact

It might stem from the fact that he was a 6th man in college but I've always seen Waiters as a 6th man. He's a combo guard, which is almost synonymous with 6th man these days. There are many cases where the 6th man combo guard is better than the starting shooting guard. I also think because Waiters can create more for others he is best suited playing with the second unit where he can have the ball in his hands more than if he's playing with Kyrie.

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Oladipo as a small forward?

Oladipo is a undersized shooting guard at 6'-3"... you take away and def. advantage you had having him play against small forwards when he has to guard players 3"- 5"
taller than him."

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Irving, Oladipo and Waiters

Irving, Oladipo and Waiters would be a really small three guard lineup. three guys 6'4" and under doesn't bode well for controlling the glass, and they would have a lot of match up problems with teams who have big wings.Indiana would murder that lineup

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If Oladipo is drafted number

If Oladipo is drafted number 1, Cavs could still draft another taller SF with 19 or move up comibing 19,31,33. Playing Oladipo at the 3 against smaller shooting SF, and also utilizing him as a SG when Waiters is on the bench. With the 2nd pick, that SF would then step in against taller competition/ certain matchups.

Oladipo/ Shabazz (if that's who they covet combining 19,31,33 can get him)
Varejao (At the Center position averaged 14.1 and 14.4 last season)

Perhaps a smokescreen, perhaps not. Wouldn't be totally against it as a Cavs fan.

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in some way it make sense...

in some way it make sense... Victor Oladipo is a great fit for Cavs backcourt situation, he is very nice complimentary player to Kyrie and also he is one guy that could allow Waiters to play at the PG spot of the bench as being able to guard one's.

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