NBA Draft: Marcus Smart or Michael Carter WIlliams?

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NBA Draft: Marcus Smart or Michael Carter WIlliams?

who is the better pro prospect and who gets drafted first? What are some player comparisons for them and do any of them have a chance to be an NBA All Star some day? whats there potential and upside? Are any of them a better prospect than Damian Lillard?

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Marcus Smart all day

because he ain't thief!

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because he is a thief and will pick your pocket

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MCW, his ability as a passer

MCW, his ability as a passer and at the defensive end is something I consider "elite" level. He just needs to improve as a scoring threat.

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If MCW remembers to only

If MCW remembers to only commit thefts on the court then him. If towels and Gatorade bottles start disappearing then Marcus Smart

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Smart is good but his

Smart is good but his shooting numbers suck. And he shoots too many threes.

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Carter-Williams is long, has the ability to play the one and two at a decent level. Makes great decisions on the court and makees the game easier for his teammates.

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You could've used that same

You could've used that same description to describe Marcus Smart as well.

I think it's too close to call at this moment. Smart fills the stat sheet, but he also contributes a lot of things to a team that don't show up in the box score. For a team, he provides culture changing intangibles.

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Marcus Smart is going to

Marcus Smart is going to disappoint someone if he gets drafted in the top 5. He's only made over 40% of his shots in two games all season and he averages 4.4 3 point attempts per game despite being a 22% shooter from the college 3. This guy doesn't look like a high lotto pick to me, at all.

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His steal numbers are a result of being in the perfect position at the top of that Syracuse zone. I've watched many Syracuse games this year. The length causes a ton of deflections which MCW is usually the beneficiary. There is no stat for the deflection which causes the steal, only the person who gains possession gets the stat. In short, that zone is more to thank for his steal numbers than anything. None-the-less, his anticipation and ability to pass the ball without committing turnovers is special.

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It's true that Smart's shots

It's true that Smart's shots arent falling ,in his last 4 games,he's 14-43 from the field,OUCH!!!

But he's 1 of those unique players that can affect a game without scoring..Becuz he can be affective in so many other areas...I think right now he's playing to impress the scouts,by attempting all those outside shots...Becuz Earlier in the season when he was attacking the rim and setting up teammates,the team was winning...And he looked like a sure fire top 5 pick...

Micheal Carter-Williams plays alot like Doc Rivers,Rivers wasn't a great shooter nor was he an explosive athlete,but he was a winner.......

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