NBA: Does Kemba Walker have All Star Potential?

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NBA: Does Kemba Walker have All Star Potential?

Kemba Walker had a solid season averaging 12.1ppg 4.5assits and 3.5 rebounds. but struggled shooting the ball from the field and from 3.

Only 13 Players in the NBA this past season had a Triple Double and Kemba Walker was one of them and was the only Rookie to do so an he didnt even start half of the season.

Walker is already the favorite to star at Point Guard next season accoring to reports and should have a solid season. He may or may not ever be an All star but he can deffinetly be a team star like Andre Iguadola , Rudy Gay, Monta Ellis and maybe sneak into and All star game or 2 later in his carrer.

Better Player in 5 years Kemba Walker or Ty Lawsona and WHY?

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Kemba Walker is not as good

Kemba Walker is not as good as people make him out to be. He will never have the point guard skills to be a star I'd rate him as a solid starter throughout his career.

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Kemba Walker will all star if

Kemba Walker will all star if the Bobcats are up in the league, if they remained at the bottom of the league will only MKG will be all star.

Kemba Walker will be better in 5 years, I can see you put 18 points, 4-5 rebounds, 7 assists for many years

Ty Lawson will gradually losing ground in Denver. Danilo, JaVale, Wilson, Faried, Fournier, Hamilton, Brewer. All are very talented and quedran play many minutes. Will have to trade someone, because the team will stagnate and Ty Lawson also will stagnate

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People on this website and

People on this website and basketball analysts confuse me. Kemba Walker's 1st 2 years in college when he had talent around him, every one was touting him as a true point guard, the next great from New York, and then his Junior season he goes out and scores a ton and wins a National Championship he's now just a score, shoot first point guard, he's a good all around point guard, he can rebound well for his size, he'll be a more ifficient scorer when he has time to settle and has better players around him.

His stock was dropping his 1st 2 years because he was supposedly undersized, Then all of a sudden the size doesn't hurt as much when he scores over 20 a game and wins a NC. Then he measures out at a legit 6 feet tall. He then becomes a top 10 pick and is still scrutinized. His per actually was slightly under Derrick Rose's and John Walls as a rookie, he was at 14.5, John Wall was at 15, Derrick Rose was at 16, while Mike Conley struggled with a per under 13. He'll improve and become a little more efficient.

He has all-star potential but he won't make it, with Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings, Deron Williams, Dwyane Wade, JOe Johnson and other guards in the East.

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Yes. Anyone in the league

Yes. Anyone in the league has potential to be an All Star, there are many All Stars looking back at their college careers and their entry into the league were people wouldve said they didnt have the potential. Why wouldnt Kemba?

So I dont like to just say someone is this or isnt becasue we dont know.

I see Kemba as a guy who it will take a while for him to really become a good player, but I think he eventually will.

I dont know who will be the better player between him and Lawson, lots of things can happen between now and then. As of right now if I were a playoff team, its a no-brainer. Lawson is better...but thats just right now.

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Hellll yeah kemba has major potential too bad Michael Jordan doesn't know what to do with him
and the rest of the bobcats hopefully MKG could help em some winzzzzzz!

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Heart of an All-Star

Talent of a role player

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Jlv acidentally made a decent

Jlv acidentally made a decent post without even realizing it.

I agree though, with how stacked the PG position has become in the league I dont see it either. I see him as a good not great starter.

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This should not be a question

Kemba Walker will never be an all-star in the NBA, maybe the D-League though. I am not going to say anything about his none POINT GAURD GAME. Can he ever beat out below names to make the all-star team?

Rondo, DWill, DRose, Kyrie, JWall

I don't even think he can beat out these below names too!

JNelson, BJenning, GHill, JHoliday ....... So Kemba might be the 10th best PG & that's only from the East. There might be 10 more PGs on the west that are better than Kemba.

I don't beleive Kemba will ever make the all-star game ... unless 8 PGs get injured in the East.

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Does Kemba Walker have all star potential

Hell naw...he's Will Bynum pt.2

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Kemba will put up solid

Kemba will put up solid numbers his whole career. That being said he won't put up all star numbers.. I'll give him one all star game if he can go 19+Pts 5reb and 5 ast with a team .500 or better. Still not very likely in my book.

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hes got good sixth man of the

hes got good sixth man of the yr potential if hes ever a bench player...

but i think he'll stick to being a starter for now.... but it depends which team hes on in the future

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solid starter

imo kemba wont b an all star but a solid nba starter or imo he could b a great 6th man bringing scoring punch off the bench

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If he develops more control

If he develops more control and smarts on the offensive end I thought he could develop into a real game changer. He had pretty decent first year without much offense surrounding him, forcing him into a role he isn't suited for in the NBA.. He tried to play the go-to role, if he plays within himself I see him as a good to great starting PG, his quickness and getting into the lane could wreak havoc on opposing teams..

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i think he could reach Ty

i think he could reach Ty Lawson level in a couple of years after becoming more refined as a player.

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considering the east has

considering the east has rose, kyrie, and wall.

basically, no, there's no chance

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All Star seems a huge reach.

All Star seems a huge reach. I really don't know if he will develop to the point where he can be a starter on .500 team. He jacks way too many shots and he hasn't shot the ball efficiently at any point in his college career and obviously we know he was just terrible as a rookie (under 40%!). Aside from all the great PGs in the game and currently playing, do you think Kyrie Irving is going to be the last good PG to come out of college for the next ten years? Others will join the league as Rose and Rondo age. It isn't just that Walker has to get much much better (which he does) he has to get better than Rose, Rondo, Irving, Wall, etc etc. and all the new guys who will come into the league.

Forget about it. If you are a fan of his, just hope he gets his game together enough to still be starting in a few years.

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