NBA Ball: James Harden and Eric Gordon?

Will it be Eric Gordon and James Harden battling for the best 2 guard in the league for the next decade? is there another young 2 guard that should be up there with them? Maybe Shabazz when he enters the league? im not sure about guys like

Marshon Brooks
Klay Thompson
Alec Burks
Bradley Beal
Dion Waiters
Jeremy Lamb
OJ Mayo
Austin Rivers
Evan Turner
Marcus Thornton
Jordan Crawford

As far as Gordon and Harden go. Who is the better Scorer? better shooter? better defender?

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Eric Gordan has been injured

Eric Gordan has been injured majority of the time since he's been in the NBA. James Hardin is already one of the best SG in the game right now.

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the fact that the "e" and "i"

the fact that the "e" and "i" is on opposite sides of the keyboard and same with the o and a scares me a bit and makes me wonder if you are just trolling us. but its GORDON and HARDEN. no lebron JOMES or KOBI BRYANT lol

other than that you're right, gordon has been injured way too often to even put him anywhere close to harden

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I'm just an idiot. I didn't

I'm just an idiot. I didn't do it on purpose. Hahaha

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careful the teacher's coming.

careful the teacher's coming.

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No contest, Harden top three

No contest, Harden top three shooting guard and Gordon's can't get on the court. I think you could also put Terrence Ross in that conversation of future two-guards.

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Situation, Homework to do,

Situation, Homework to do, Punctuation on potential 5 years

Marshon Brooks: 6man, 1-2 years bench/ 3 years = trade, 85/100 overall
Klay Thompson: Starter, Improve consistency, 88/100 overall
Alec Burks: Hole bench, Trade Trade Trade, 90/100 overall
Bradley Beal: Starter/ 6man, Be a man, 94/100 overall
Dion Waiters: Starter, Improve consistency, 93/100 overall
Jeremy Lamb: Hole bench, One oportunity/ More minutes, 91/100 overall
OJ Mayo: Star of team (without Dirk), keep doing what you do, 88/100 overall(declinig with age 31)
Austin Rivers: Start to bench, Strong/ Improve consistency/ Be a man, 88-90/100 overall
Evan Turner: Starter, Believe how good it is, 94/100 overall
Marcus Thornton: Start to bench, Play for the team, 78/100 overall
Jordan Crawford: Starter/ 6man, Improve consistency, 85/100 overall
Terrence Ross: Bench, Improve consitency, 90/100 overall
Eric Gordon: Star of team (injured), Staying Healthy, Injuries= 86/100 overall / No injuries= 96/100 overall
James Harden: Star of team, More chemical / More games in Houston, 97-100/100 overall

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Let's wait until Gordon gets

Let's wait until Gordon gets back on the floor.

I do think that Gordon will be better than ever once he returns. The place he's training at in LA is sort of like the Suns. They don't just focus on the actual injury. They focus on other things that could've led to the injury too. It's the same place Derrick Rose is training at. They're basically rebuilding their bodies.

When Gordon is 100%, it'll be very close between him and Harden.

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