NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

First off, I just want to say that I love watching Arne Duncan playing out there in the celebrity game. He takes the game way more seriously than anyone else and he's a great player for a 55ish-year-old dude. But here's this year's lineup-

Arne Duncan
Usain Bolt (should be very interesting)
Kevin Hart (this guy is a much better basketball player than comedian...and he's not that good of a player)
Clyde Drexler
Dikembe Mutombo
Sean Elliott
Bruce Bowen (another interesting selection)
Ne-Yo/Common/Trey Songz/Nick Cannon (I feel like these guys are fairly interchangeable
Josh Hutcherson (you know, the skinny kid form Hunger Games. "Peeta". I feel like he's gonna be terrible)
Terrence Jenkins (pretty-boy BET host. But at least he's black)
John Schiffren (This is a weird one. His wikipedia page is tiny. I guess he's an ABC news correspondent and former sports reporter. I think he's white)
Ryen Russillo (ESPN radio host)
Tamika Catchings
Maya Moore (These last two don't even seem fair. They could dominate if they wanted to)

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I just wanna say, Kevin Hart

I just wanna say, Kevin Hart is a damn good bowler.

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I just wanna say, Kevin Hart

I just wanna say, Kevin Harts stand up is hilarious!

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We better get to see some

We better get to see some finger-waving!

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Wow, this actually looms like

Wow, this actually looms like a great line up for a celebrity game, Bolt could throw down some great dunks, it's always great to see ex-NBA players play (let's see if Bowen will try to destroy somebody defensively), Catchings and Moore will probably play like they have something to prove being the only women

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Would have been nice to see

Would have been nice to see Pippen playing again

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Kevin Hart is the man, funny

Kevin Hart is the man, funny as hell. Philly stand up

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Kevin Hart not funny? Common

Kevin Hart not funny?

Common and Nick Cannon interchangeable?

Now I know how you got negatives on this post.

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Oh well

I guess I'm the only one who dosn't appreciate stand-up that is solely based on black people humor. I mean, the other night, I watched Gabriel Iglesias and then I watched Kevin Hart and Iglesias' humor was much more varied and not completely predicated on the fact that he's hispanic.

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I get what you're saying but

I get what you're saying but Gabriel Iglesias was not a good example for comparison. If he's not doing a Mexican joke, it's a fat joke.

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