NBA All-Journeyman Team

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NBA All-Journeyman Team

Select your favorites players, but they have to had played for 5 or more different teams in their careers.

G- Andre Miller (5 teams)
G- Chauncey Billups (7)
F- Tracy McGrady (6)
F- Juwan Howard (9)
C- Marcus Camby (6)

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how bout Shaq?

Shaq at center...
Shooting Guard Vince Carter
SF T Mac
SG/PG Chauncey Billups
PF Rasheed Wallace

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All-Time PG Gary Payton (5


PG Gary Payton (5 teams, Seattle, Milwaukee, LA Lakers, Boston, Miami, not really a journeyman but played with 4 teams over his final 5 seasons pushing his final team count to 5). Might be more inclined to give this spot to Mark Jackson who played for 7 teams over 17 seasons (New York, Detroit, LA Clippers, Indiana, Toronto, Utah, Houston)
SG Tracy McGrady (6 teams, Toronto, Orlando, Houston, New York, Detroit, Atlanta)
SF Adrian Dantley (7 teams, Buffalo, Indiana, LA Lakers, Utah, Detroit, Dallas, Milwaukee)
PF Dennis Rodman (5 team, Detroit, San Antonio, Chicago, LA Lakers, Dallas)
C Shaquille O'Neal (6 teams, Orlando, LA Lakers, Miami, Phoenix, Cleveland, Boston)

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PG- Kevin Ollie 11 teams
SG- Jim Jackson 12 teams
SF- Chucky Brown 12 teams
PF- Tony Massenburg 12 teams
C- Joe Smith 12 teams

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I was just about to put kevin

I was just about to put kevin ollie, He played on 12 NBA teams and one CBA team. He is now the head coach of Uconn mens basketball. He is basically the definition of a journeyman. He wound up making $20 million in his career.

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He will make more coaching

He will make more coaching Uconn than he ever did playing in the league. He was always a guy I admired because despite not having much athleticism or talent he stayed in the league over a decade. I am glad to see him doing well at his alma mater.

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fab five

PG Chauncey Billups
SG J Crossover
SF T-Mac
PF Dennis Rodman
C Shaq

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drew gooden can be the 10th

drew gooden can be the 10th man

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I don't think putting former

I don't think putting former All Stars/MVP types on an "All Journeyman" team makes any sense just because they moved around at the end of their careers. I think druneave3 made the best team in the spirit of what a journeyman really is

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Well,we had to select our

Well,we had to select our fav. journey players, not players we think r typical journeymen. So why not choose MVPs?

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