NBA 2k13 and NBA Live 13 Dynasty

Ok I want to know who are you going to pick as a dynasty or association in NBA 2K13 or NBA Live 13? I usually do this I buy both games and one of the games I pick a western conference underdog team and the other game I pick an eastern conference underdog. Here is going to be my picks

NBA 2K13- I'm planning to pick Washington in this game. I love the backcourt of John Wall and Bradley Beal. Having Nene, Okafor and Ariza plus 6th man Jordan Crawford. This team will be exciting for me. Other option I was considering was Charlotte Bobcats talk about super rebuilding with that team.

NBA Live 13- I got to go with the New Orleans Hornets here. I'm curious about the trio of Anthony Davis, Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers. I think will be a very fun team here. I want my team to stink the first couple of years so that I can build a very nasty team with young players and be almost like the Thunder.

So what do you think of my choices? What are your choices? Are you buying both games or just one of the games?

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Those teams already have building blocks

I find it more exciting to completely blow up a team and rebuild. Like for 2k12, I would usually pick Bocats and deal Walker/Byumbo away then rebuild, or I will pick Hawks and blow them up. I usually hold press conferences in my head "We needed to get rid of Joe Johnson's contract so we had to add Hartford to appease the other team (which was usually the Nets) and "We had to move Josh Smith bc he was a headache."

2K13, I will probably go with Hawks or Orlando -As I try to play as if its real life, its understandable to blow them up rather then say the Heat.

Also, I am a very stingy owner, I do not like to overpay players. I usually build championship caliber teams while barely floating over the salary cap.

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Make your Own stars

I try to blow up a Team in hopes of developing One Main star. Hopefully I will draft in The top 3, in order to secure & build a SuperStar. I look for wing dominant players because i don't like building my team with PF's & C's. So the the most likely teams to stink this year are Hou,Orl,Cle,Cha. Another thing I like is to Have no other promient rookies on the club. Future teams that could rebuild is Mavs,Spurs, and Atl. 2K13 will be my choice.

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