NBA 2k12 Association

im so bored of being able to make "Super-Teams" on Association Mode...

Anyone have any rules/restrictions to follow to make Association more realistic???

any ideas or suggestions will be apprectiated !

i found this online and it seems fun but kinda vague:

step 1: Pick one of the worst 5 rated teams in the game.

step 2: make sure team chemistry and player morale is ON

step 3: everyone likes to make trades, that is fine, however you CAN NOT trade the player on your team with the highest trade value.

step 4: in the trade process, you CAN NOT trade your current or future first round pick, even if you acquire another first rounder from another team. all first round picks must be kept. you may make that involves swapping 1st rounders (must be for same year) if it follows the guidelines as far as a players contract

step 5: when trading, you may only acquire players with 1 year left on their contract or any players with 2 years left ONLY if the contract total is less than 10 mill. YOU MAY NOT ACQUIRE any player with 3 or more years left on their contract.

anyone else do this?

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It is a good idea because I

It is a good idea because I had a team with Kyrie Irving, Lebron, Blake Griffin all rated 99 and the two other starters were both 98 rated players I drafted and used the untapped potential training camp on them. We won 6 NBA titles in a row then I stopped.

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how many years...

...out are you simming???

my biggest gripe with NBA 2k has been that the GM features of the association mode arent very realistic. The CPU doesnt value trades the same way real people do. and its all over the place. The CPU doesnt give a crap about draft picks or cap relief even though almost every big NBA trade is picks+young players+cap relief for a star player. ex: try trading danny granger, Hibbert, two first rounders and someone to match salaries to the Magic for howard and the comp says hell no. Orl would have taken that trade in two seconds in real life.

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