nba 2k11 - xbox live draft updates ?

whats going to happen after the draft ? will it update it with all the new rooks for next season ?

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probably not because it gives

probably not because it gives the player another reason to buy the next 2k

but i will make a roster with the rooks

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how did you with the rooks

how did you with the rooks roster. wouldn't mind playing with wizards now with veseley and singleton. bobcats got 2 good players also...

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“I really like our team this

“I really like our team this season,” said Roeser. “I don’t see any limit to what we can accomplish as a team. I think the additions with Lamar Odom, Jamal Crawford and Grant Hill help us at all the positions. I think we come back with a great mix of veterans, young players, experience and savvy and a lot of depth at every position. I can’t wait to see us play.”

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