NBA 2k11 Rebounding tips

I'm doing a new franchise but this time, I actually wanted to center the entire team around a big man. So Dwight Howard is my focal point offensively and defensively. Offensively, not a problem. 24-30 points easy if I don't pick up fouls. Rebounding though, only 9 a game so far.

My main question is this - How do you guys set up your settings (crash boards/fast break/etc) so you are actually close to NBA averages in franchise. Like every franchise I play, I play 9 minute quarters on Superstar and get like 30 rebounds as a team.

Any tips to make it more realistic so my team averages like 40-50 a game cuz I'm trying to get Dwight to win both defensive player and MVP lol/

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play good D and cause missed

play good D and cause missed shots

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I know. I try my best on that but lets be honest, that game makes so crazy shots that wouldn't happen in real life lol. Like 5 seconds left and Anderson Varejo gets the ball, holds the ball, and then shoots a 15 footer when you up and try to make a block and he makes it! lol

I was just saying how someone keeps their coaching settings because my crash boards in at like an 80 and I still can't get my entire team to crash boards. I was looking if someone could explain how they kept their settings though but thanks for the suggestion Taylor

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1. BOX OUT 2. Jump when the


2. Jump when the ball starts falling, not when you or the CPU just released the shot

3. LT+X for Tip Slam

4. Play 2-3 zone

5. Always make sure your whole team boxes out

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I play man for most of the shot clock but if I feel a shot is going to go up I switch to zone quickly. Work on timing your jumps when the shot goes up. I am not the best at it, because just being anxious I jump too just before the ball touches rim, sometimes that gives me an advantage and I can snatch it, but if you wait til the ball hits the rim, then jump, Dwight should be able to pick up some good offensive boards.

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there is coach settings and

there is coach settings and you can change all of that

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lbj_6 (not verified)
Block a lot

Personnaly, with howard in my team, i could block 2 or 3 times a night in superstar level. So try to focuse when the player is shooting to block him with howard. To have more rebound it's simpe: you need to secure the rebound, and allow no easy shot. You need to constantly be sure that the shooter will be in difficulty.

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ye great

ye great

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